Wednesday, April 4, 2012

Threats Show Iran’s Strength and Influence - Khamenei

Iran’s Supreme Leader Ayatollah Ali Khamenei told Iranian military commanders today that multiple threats against the country prove the extent of Iran’s strength and influence on the world’s stage.

“If Iran was not influential and powerful, the ill wishers of the Iranian nation would not have gone through water and fire in haste [to harm the country],” Ayatollah Khamenei said [IRNA / Press TV, 4 April].

“During those eight years (of war with Iraq), in fact all world powers including the West and the East and countries dependent on them lined-up against Iran and provided the Iraqi Baathist regime with the most advanced equipment. But despite all such efforts and endorsements, powers could not bring Iran to its knees.

By having valuable experiences such as the Islamic Revolution and the Sacred Defense (the 8-year war), the Iranian nation will definitely pass the current junction with dignity,” Khamenei said.

Photo: Ayatollah Khamenei meeting with Iranian military commanders. Tehran, 4 April 2012. IRNA


Anonymous said...

He should be ashamed to speak about the dignity of iranian people; if he would care about the dignity of iranian people he would not have imprisoned Moussavi in order to install (by a coup) an clownish antisemite as president of country

Anonymous said...

Why would you call A. antisemite? Has he worsened conditions for jews in Iran?

Anonymous said...

Anon 1:41 AM

What coup man?
This theocracy has been in power since 1979 and Moussavi was the butcher prime minister under the Mafia leadership of godfather Khomeini.
Please stop playing the Moussavi card and insulting our intelligence because it just don't stick.
Down with the theocratic Islamist mafia regime in its entirety and that includes its minions Moussavi,Karoubi.

mat said...

If Iran is not that strong enough, especially, militarily, the whole nation of Iran would had already been struck, attacked, invaded and taken out at once by those Zionist of the U.S., Israel, Western Allies and Middle Easterns' lackeys and puppets, long ago, since the victory of the Islamic Revolution of Iran back in 1979.

Indeed, Iran is now a regional superpower and the most powerful nation in the whole region of the Middle East as which has been clearly stated and described by some of those analysts and experts across the globe.

Iran is on its way as one of those superpowers of the world in the near future.

Anonymous said...

@ 1:41 AM anon

Ahmadinejad's family is a converted Jewish family (80years)of Semite descent.

He is 100% not antisemite since he is one himself and he follows the religon of another semite (the Prophet Mohamed)

As we know (probably not you) Arabs and Jews are both of the Semite race (both children Abrahams), and antisemitism is alltogether a christian phenomenon and some lowly educated super nationalist Iranians consider themselves to be (they mostly live outside of Iran)

Daily politics are irrelevant here but your claims are as I just explained are very much like the western Media, wrong and disinfoming.

I suggest you busy yourself with more reading than writting (all in good faith)

Dariush London

Anonymous said...


I might have to agree(for the first time) on this with you about Ahmadinejad's Jewish background.
However I'm a ultra Nationalist like many Iranians and also am a civil engineer by trade with a couple of Iranian Jewish friends.
So please Dariush where did you get the idea that Iranian Nationalists are uneducated and racist?
As I have experienced numerous times before the obstinate religious class of people to be the most uneducated and racist of Iranians. Their minds frozen in time and space with their inferiority complexes and manners to boot.They refuse to marry off their sons and daughters to none Shia families unless they convert to the Shia faith.
Fortunately I come from a Muslim Shia and Christian background and neither of my parents where forced to convert to each others faiths.But under today's leadership in Iran this cannot be the case.Hell you can't even go to one of the Christian towns in Azarbiajan if your a Muslim.The country has become more divided and intolerant towards each other since religious government took the country over.
No hard feelings I hope.

Anonymous said...

uneducated is different to lowly educated.

I explain once and then the discussion is closed...

Nationalism is wrong because it is an irrational "ism" over the place of birth and.... What you are talking about should be "Patriotism" and I suppose you consider them the same...(which they are not)

Even WC Bush was educated (in Yale if not mistaken).. come on !

Your religous background is irrelevant as its personal, nothing to do with anything collective.

Darius London

Anonymous said...

Anon 1:38 AM Darius

I will only say this once.
Islamic ideology is against Nationalism simply because that is the way it wishes to destroy national identity and local history and replace it with over rated and fictional stories.And what they can't replace they take it over and make it theirs with slight changes.
Nationalism or Patriotism are the same thing namely the love of ones country and its history.
You try to make nationalism a dirty word as if it's Nazism.If you think nationalism is irrational "ism" then what is Islam "ism" but a faceless anti cultural straight jacket that prevents the development of the human soul and the nation.