Sunday, April 29, 2012

Arab States Pushing Ahead with Gulf Union – Saudi FM

Persian Gulf Arab States are pushing ahead with plans for a political union that would involve joint foreign and defense policies, the Saudi foreign minister said today.

Prince Saud al-Faisal made the comments two weeks ahead of a Gulf Cooperation Council (GCC) submit meeting in Riyadh. The submit will examine the idea of a political union first floated by Saudi King Abdullah last December.

"Cooperation and coordination between the countries of the Gulf Cooperation Council in its current format may not be enough to confront the existing and coming challenges, which require developing Gulf action into an acceptable federal format," Prince Saud said in Riyadh on Saturday.

"The Gulf union, when it is realized, God willing, will yield great benefits for its peoples, such as in foreign policy with the presence of a supreme Gulf committee coordinating foreign policy decisions that reorders group priorities and realizes group interests," the King added.

The GCC was formed in 1980 in the wake of the Shia Revolution in Iran, and the outbreak of the Iran-Iraq war, by Saudi Arabia, the UAE, Kuwait, Qatar, Oman and Bahrain.

Source: Reuters, 29 April 2012


Anonymous said...

He that controls the gold controls the power.
Iranians are not Arabs,yet you have an Arab loving regime that is controlling Iran.There is no free Iran until this Arab loving regime is kicked out of our homeland.
Islamic regime spends millions for people to go to Haj in Saudi Arabia,why?
Because they say every Muslim should go to Haj once in their lives.
We are born human being first and religion should be our own choice, not governments business.
Don't make Wahabi Arabia even more richer than it is.

Anonymous said...

Arabs stab each other constantly in the back. I mean thats their special charm.