Friday, April 6, 2012

Iran Vows to Rescue Hijacked Chinese Ship

The Chinese Embassy in Tehran has told Xinhua that Iran has vowed that its navy will rescue the hijacked Chinese freighter “XIANG HUA MEN” and its 28 crewmembers [the Iranian media has yet to report on the country’s reaction to the hijacking].

The ship was hijacked on Friday morning at 0930 local time near the Iranian port of Chabahar in the Gulf of Oman. The freighter was headed for BIK (Bandar Imam Khomeini) in the Persian Gulf when it was hijacked.

Iranian navy said it has found the whereabouts of the hijacked ship, which is already within the visibility of at least one Iranian warship sent for rescue operations, Chinese embassy reported.

Sources: Xinhua, ChinaDaily / 6 April 2012

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