Wednesday, April 25, 2012

Iran, West Interested in Russia’s Proposal to Resolve Nuclear Dispute – Russian DFM

Russian Deputy Foreign Minister Sergei Ryabkov said in Moscow today that Iran and Western nations have shown renewed interest in Russia’s “step-by-step” plan to resolve their dispute over Iran’s nuclear program. Under the proposal, Iran would take concrete steps to ease international concerns about its intentions and reassure the UN and the West that its nuclear program does not have a military dimension, and in return be rewarded with the gradual easing of sanctions imposed by the UN Security Council and Western states.

Ryabkov announced that the Russian proposal was discussed at the talks in Istanbul on 14 April between Iran and P5+1. A new round of talks is to be held on 23 May in Baghdad.

“We are working in order for the six powers to have a consolidated position, and our ideas are given weighty consideration in this regard,” Ryabkov said [Reuters, 25 April].


Anonymous said...

“Israel's Top General Says Iran Unlikely to Make Bomb” Lieutenant-General Benny Gantz, chief of staff of the armed forces, said he does not believe Iran will decide to build an atomic bomb and called their leaders “very rational” in line with earlier comments by his American counterpart General Martin Dempsey, but contradicts his boss – Netanyahoo - ranting delusion about the Iranians as the second coming of the Nazi.

A sign that the maniac, Netanyahoo, was indeed at the verge of committing his nation to World War III, in order to thwart the May 23 detente between the West & Iran. This public outcry by the top military expert in Israel is very very worrisome. Instead of feeling jubilant, for the first time throughout this mission creep against Iran, I AM SCARED!


Anonymous said...

Now as ever the silly west will start its threat manouver like having its press report in a coordinated manner about military build ups around Iran.

As always it wont work and shows how stupid the politicians specially in America work and think.

They (Western politicians) are actually implying their own reactions to only force and thus projecting it and hoping to make an impact in the talks ahead.

well... silly silly silly.

and you anti Iranian complexoide, don't even bother to react to my post.

Anonymous said...

anon 4:07
is this what you mean ?

Anonymous said...

Mr. Nuclearyahoo is gonna save the world from the 'evil & dark Persians'.