Friday, April 13, 2012

US-GCC Maneuvers in Persian Gulf

Kuwait’s daily Al Watan reported that 200 fighter jets from the US and four GCC countries are participating in air maneuvers in the region aimed at keeping the Strait of Hormuz open in the event of a military conflict with Iran. The exercises are also reportedly aimed at defending the ports and oil installations of the GCC countries during a conflict.

According to Al Watan, 100 of the fighters participating in the exercises belong to US aircraft carriers USS Enterprise and USS Abraham Lincoln, currently deployed to the Persian Gulf, and the other 100 fighter jets come from Saudi Arabia, UAE, Bahrain and Kuwait. The maneuvers began on Sunday and will last one week.

Sources: Al Watan, Al Arabiya


mat said...

Wow! It sounds 'great' but unfortunately, Iran's very well preparedness and readiness of military strengths, abilities and capabilities are far much greater to mess with.

Anonymous said...

I hate the Islamic regime but I also hate the GCC.If those desert nomads think they own part of those islands in anyway or the theocracy might do a deal with those people to water things down.Like when Ahmadinejad went to one of their meetings sitting under the banner of Arab Gulf instead of Persian.
To preserve themselves the regime might do a deal with the GCC like the Qajars did when they gave away parts of Iran to Russia.