Monday, April 16, 2012

Dispute with Iran Over Islands Threatens Global Security - UAE

The United Arab Emirates warned today that its dispute with Iran over the Persian Gulf islands threatens “global security.” The UAE withdrew its ambassador from Tehran and summoned the Iranian ambassador to Abu Dhabi to denounce a visit last week by President Mahmoud Ahmadinejad to Abu Musa, one of the three islands.

“I request our Iranian brothers to ease the tension and return to the negotiating table with... a clear agenda,” said UAE Foreign Minister Sheikh Abdullah bin Zayed Al-Nahayan during a news conference in Abu Dhabi today. He warned that if left unresolved the issue “could jeopardize international security and peace” [AFP, 16 April].


Anonymous said...

Nothing to see here folks - just arabs trying to fabricate tension and acting like blowhards, insinuating that they may embroil the whole region into war over 3 tiny islands. Other than that, the Iranian ownership of the three islands does in no way "threaten global security".

Anonymous said...

This seem to be a clear signal that the Arabs may be willing to declare hostilities towards Iran, if they don't get their demands, even if it means risking a war.

All this increased rethoric comes at the backdrop of aerial military exercises performed by GCC countries just days ago (they have been purchasing additional equipment in recent times, which should be a strong hint regarding their intentions!)

Iran should act very steadfast, firmly and determined -- Iranian territory is NOT negotiable. Iranian military should plan their own military rehearsals and manuveurs in order to display their capabilities.

Iran should basically send a detering message that any eventual gain will be outweighed by potential losses, wether it be economically, industrially, and even civilian centers should be at stake -- that will make the public opinion in the respective GCC countries much more wary about what their respective governments are dragging them into.