Tuesday, June 30, 2009

Israel Upgrades F-15 Fleet

Iran’s Press TV reported today that Israel has upgraded its fleet of F-15Is enabling them to carry out long-distance attacks, presumably on Iran’s nuclear facilities. The F-15Is are fighter bombers designed for air-to-ground attacks.

According to the report, the F-15Is have also been equipped with advanced weapon systems, identified as Barad Pelada (Steel Hail), and Lightning. The Barad Pelada system was identified as an advanced armament operating like a smart bomb. The new weapon replaces less advanced Inbar system.

The government-owned Press TV also links the fighter upgrade and the acquisition of new weapon systems to the reelection of Mahmoud Ahmadinejad as president. Press TV quotes Lt. Gen. Ashkenazi, the Israeli military chief, to show the lineage.

"The reelection of Iran's president, his grave utterances regarding his will to harm the state of Israel and Iran's continual effort to achieve unconventional weapons require us to maintain an army that is coiled and ready to spring into action, and an Air Force that is skilled and sharp as a razor, that will stand up to any enemy and remove any threat from our citizens and residents," said Gen. Ashkenazi [Press TV, 30 June 2009].


Thomas said...

I see the Iranain problem is with there own government.Or should I say the Dictator and regime that has taken control or is maintaining control of the Iran government.The decisions for the country that effects all of the Iranian people is from there governmental officals.We know the path of Iran is Islam/Koran.And we know that the path of Islam/Koran is of peace/goldliness/holiness.Gods will be done.So we see that the supreme leader and your president is not following the teachings of the Islam/Koran.But have decided to follow a crooked path of violence and ungodliness by supporting evil terrorist groups and oppressing the Iranian people and having rigged elections that look good but are fraud not real.etcSo what is the solution for the Iranian people who want freedom from the wicked ones in there government.Rise up bear arms fight for your freedom from oppression form your government.not just with words or stones but guns etc.Some times the peole need to rise up to the challenge and fight for there freedom.Dont wait for some other country to set you free and do your fighting for you or for your prayers to be answered for your freedom without a fight.Holy scriptures tells us that at times war is necessary and at times cicil war within the same country takes place.If you cant fight for your own and families freedom you wont ever have it in this life.Wake up Iranian people.seek freedom from your corrupt wicked government.And make it happen and replace them with Goldy/Holy Spritual governmental officals that believe in Islam/Koran and show it by there works and should be in charge of Irans business etc for the Iranian people and live in peace within Iran and with your neighbors..If not perhaps you can just move out of country or stay in bondage. The choice is yours.

Paul Iddon said...

Judging from Operation Opera in 1981 I assumed the F-15's were used as the main air superiority fighter and the F-16's as their main bomber
F-15's escort the F-16's to their target!

so I'm curious of why they're using F-15's now for this role!
maybe they're adopted to use air to ground bunker busters instead of the regular smart bombs that the F-16's use

Nader Uskowi said...

Paul, the F-15Cs were indeed air superiority fighters. Then came F-15E which was a fighter-bomber for air-to-ground attacks. Israel's F-15I are updated versions of the F-15Es. They can carry bunker busters and other smart boms, which longer range and more ammos than F-16s.