Thursday, June 18, 2009

The Next Government of Iran Will be Chosen by the People – Mousavi

Mousavi with his wife, Zahra Rahnavard
Tehran. 18 June 2009

Mir Hossein Mousavi addressed the huge rally in Tehran this afternoon. The excerpts and the translation are provided through Twitter.

"I have come due to concerns of current political and social conditions - to defend the rights of the nation.

I have come to improve Iran’s international relations. I have come to tell the world and get back Iran’s pride, our dignity and our future. I have come to bring to Iran a future of freedom, of hope and of fulfillment.

I have come to represent the poor, the helpless, and the hungry. I have come to be accountable to you, my people, and to this world. Iran must participate in fair elections. It is a matter of national importance. I have come to you because of the corruption in Iran. 25% inflation means ignorance, thieving and corruption.

Where is the wealth of my nation? What have you done with the $300 billion in the last four years? The next Government of Iran will be chosen by the people. Why do all our young want to leave this country? I know of nobody else who places himself ahead of 20 million other of a nation.”

UPDATE: See amateur footage of today's march in Tehran released by BBC:

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