Wednesday, June 24, 2009

Khamenei: No!

Iran’s Supreme Leader Ayatollah Ali Khamenei vowed on Wednesday he would not back down in response to protests over the disputed election.

“I had insisted and will insist on implementing the law on the election issue ... Neither the establishment nor the nation will yield to pressure at any cost,” Khamenei said.


Anonymous said...

Very sad!

Anonymous said...

The quality of your blog deteriorated.

Paul Iddon said...

the quality of his blog didn't deteriorate a lot is going on now and it's hard to keep up with quality per post with the amount that's been happening these last few days!

Nader has 83 posts alone for this month, that's a lot of work!

Anonymous said...

It used to be an excellent blog. It was very fact based, not politicized, and well thought out posts. Now it is highly politicized, emotional, and full of hasty conclusions and post after post of political rambling. It's obvious the Nader has become emotional and is not analysing the situation clearly.

Remember your title description Nader: "Factual reporting and editorials on the current situation in Iran."

Nader Uskowi said...

It is puzzling to this blogger that my anonymous reader characterizes the factual reporting of the recent uprising in Iran as deterioration of the blog. The social networks, like Twitter, and the blogs were the only media available to report the uprising and this blog was no exception.

The major problem facing all bloggers is lack of solid information coming out of Iran. Even the “normal” reports on issues such as military development in Iran, a niche for this blog, have severely been interrupted. Without solid information out of the country, the media reporting and journalism in general, and analysis in particular, will suffer and expected to suffer more in the coming weeks. Analysis does not work in vacuum.

The political situation in Tehran remains very fluid. The street demonstrations have been crushed by heavy-handed police and Basij tactics. The power struggle within the regime, the second face of the current events, however, is not by any means over yet. It might actually accelerate in the coming days and weeks. We will do our best to analyze these events if and when information is available.