Thursday, June 18, 2009

Thursday @ 4 pm: Call for Biggest Rally Ever

On the 6th day of protests in Iran, the opposition has called on Tehranis to gather at 4 pm today Thursday [1130 GMT] at Toopkhaneh Square [Imam Khomeini Square]. Mousavi has named today the Day of Remembrance to honor the fallen citizens who lost their lives in the first five days of protests.

Observers expect today's rally and the peaceful march through Tehran's main streets that would follow to be the largest protest rally ever staged in Iran.

To All Tehranis: Gather Today, Thursday, at 4 pm at Toopkhaneh

UPDATE @ 5:30 pm Tehran time: Evreybody is peaceful and quiet - evreybody is wearing black - number of people is unbelievable - SEA OF GREEN [wrsit- headbands, scarfs...]

Tehran. 18 June 2009
NPR Photo


Anonymous said...

From all this I conclude that Iranian leadership is allowing the soda gas of the Gucci/Rafsanjani/ex-Shah supporters to play itself out. It is to Khamenei/Ahmedinejad's advantage to show to the world that they are not the monlithic,brutal,repressive theocracy as has been painted by the zionist MSM. They are a sophisticated , civilized people with valid differences of opinion that can be expressed by people freely in large protests, thereby putting Zionised western democracies to shame since they would never allow such protests against the Iraq war or the slaughter in Palestine. Furthermore, the more air-time this gets in the Western MSM, the more ordinary Americans and Western people come to see the human face of Iran as a living, breathing people who are free to vote and protest if they believe that the vote was unfair. Bush's puppeteers would never have tolerated 1,000,000 Al Gore supporters to go onto the streets to demand their rights.

All this may make the crazy,Zionist theocratic, militarists who want to nuclear bomb Iran pause much longer to consider the repercussions for them in the West where they now feel safe.

Dr.Mohsin said...

i think mousavi is responsible for these deaths why? because this is not the way that if you have lost the battle then come out and start destroying and burning the whole city.
ahmadinijad will do the same with his supporters if election results get change. then who will stop them.
it shows that mousavi cant control his emotions than how he can be a good president.
i am behind my supreme leader and ahmadinijad if mousavi have any doubts than accept the call of recounting of votes or keep quiet.

Unknown said...

Anonymous and Mr. Mohsin. Tell your supreme leader Nasrallah to come out from under his Beirut rat hole. We invite him out in the open.

What does it say about people like you who follow an organization and a supreme leader who spends his days hiding in Beirut's rat infested holes? Nuf Ced!

Uskowi, do you have a transcript of today's speeches?