Friday, June 19, 2009

Khamenei Attacks Opposition- No Compromise

Iran' Supreme Leader Ayatolah Ali Khamenie today ended all speculation about a possible compromise between the government and the opposition over the disputed presidential election. In a Friday Prayer speech attended by Ahmadinejad, Khamenei once again approved the result of the election and demanded that Mousavi and Karrubi put an end to street protests and marches. Khamenei chided the opposition for believing it could bring about a velvet revolution like in Georgia, calling protesters "idiots."

The highlights of Khamenei's speech:

- 11 million vote difference [between the top to candidates] is impossible to cheat.
- Stop the debates now; discussions can turn into contempt.
- The [opposition] humiliated the president of the country, accusing him of lies and incompetence.
- Pro-government people also attacked leaders such as Hashemi Rafsanjani and Nategh Nouri, who have spent their lives for the Islamic Republic.
- Ahmadinejad's views much closer to his.
- The protests and marches need to be stopped now.
- Protests can not change anything. The "illegal" demands for nullifying the election results are not acceptable.
- If [opposition leaders Mousavi and Karrubi] do not stop the protests immediately, they will held personally responsible.
- The "idiots" (the opposition) thought Islamic Republic of Iran was Georgia!


Paul Iddon said...

hmmm I'm not sure if I like the Georgia reference!

but I though Khamenei would have a better approach than just telling Mousavi to stop, like what are they going to do if he doesn't?
arrest him?

they'll make a martyr out of him!

Anonymous said...

I heard the speech too, all was right except the last part, the Idiots were not the opposition it was the zionist idiot in the US who had spent 10 million to toppel Georgia

stop becoming a second BBC Persian service

if u translate, then translate properly