Sunday, June 21, 2009

Basij Commander in Action

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The man pulling out a pistol is identified as Hassan Mir Kazemi, the commander of Basij Force at Elhadi Mosque at Tehran’s Shams Abad district. He is also the director of Donya Felez plant situated on Tehran-Karaj Road.

Neda was shot to death on 20 June by a Basiji member riding on a motorcycle. Neda’s killer has not been identified. But senior Basij members such as Mr. Kazemi are responsible for the killing of Neda and many more unarmed civilians.


Paul Iddon said...

government sponsored murderous thugs, the people aren't going to stand for this, they're will to strong!

you should be ashamed to be letting this happen Khameini!

Anonymous said...

Anonymous said...

his address:
No 18 , SH. Behzad SHafagh st. (17th) , Bokharest st. , Arjantine Sq., Teharan , IRAN.