Monday, June 15, 2009

Iran Today

Khamenei, apparently reversing course, orders election probe while hundreds of thousands of Mousavi supporters take to the streets.

State-funded Press TV reports that the Supreme Leader has ordered the Guardian Council to investigate allegations of voter fraud. Despite this apparent attempt to ease tensions amongst anti-Ahmadinejad voters, protesters have taken to the streets in droves.

By some calculations--including Press TV estimates--hundreds of thousands of Pro-Mousavi supporters have been marching towards Meydoon-i Azadi (Freedom Square), where Mousavi himself has appeared. According to CNN, Mousavi is attending the rally to apperantly appeal for calm. This, of course, may be the only means to legitimize his appearance at what could appropriately be viewed as an anti-government protest.

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Anonymous said...

It also seems that Musavi, Khatami and others have showed up in the rally. Weren't they yesterday under house arrest ordered by that evil Ahmadinejad dictator? BBC has some video of a crowd but most are short planes so it's hard to estimate how many people is there protesting (so typical). Nothing compared with the large planes and huge amount of Ahmadinejad supporters in the video linked in today's links by b yet. Also how is that we get to see that video? It is not a mobile phone video or an amateur video. All the western sources are telling me that western reporters are forbidden for filming anything, cameras and recordings stolen, urged to leave the country already. Who filmed that video and sent it to the BBC? Wasn't the Internet down due to the government?