Monday, June 15, 2009

Casualties at Azadi Square and Tehran U Campus

During last night’s attack by Basij militia force on the campus of the University of Tehran, at least one student lost his life, and four other students, including two female students, were critically injured and are all feared dead. Protesting the attacks and the killing, 119 university professors, including the chairman of the computer science department, today resigned en masse. And the students are demanding the resignation of university president Farhad Rahbar for his inaction to prevent Basij’s attack.

Later in the day, the Basij militias opened fire on the crowd of hundred of thousands of demonstrators gathered at Azadi Square, killing at least one person, with 15 others critically injured. Please see the editorial piece posted earlier on the subject.

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Anonymous said...

Has the resignation of the professors been mentioned in any Iranian media yet? Can you indicate any source?

Also, you've really stepped up your reporting during the election. Very well done and thanks!