Sunday, June 14, 2009

Latest Developments: Iran

- Mousavi called on the Guardian Council to nullify the results of the presidential election.
- Mousavi, the presumed real winner of the election, was scheduled to address his supporters at Azadi Square tonight. We will report the speech as soon as available.
- Clashes continued on the streets of Tehran on Sunday night. Police has sporadically deployed tear gas and firing into the air to disperse opposition gatherings.
- A new chant by demonstrators: Dowlat-eh Koodeta, Estefa, Estefa (“The Government of Coup d’état, Resign, Resign!)
- Demonstration has spread to other major cities, such as Isfahan.
- Ahmadinejad addressed a large group of supporters in celebration of his victory.

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My heart is with you--be safe. erin d