Wednesday, July 1, 2009

Mousavi Rejects Certification of Election Results

Mir Hossein Mousavi, Iran’s opposition leader, today rejected certification of the election results by the Guardian Council, vowing to keep fighting for “the rights of the people.” He reasserted his claim that the June 12 election results were rigged and decaled Ahmadinejad's government “illegitimate.”

The Guardian Council is a governmental body in Iran which chooses who can run for office and supervises and certifies the elections. Half the members of the the 12-person body are appointed by the supreme leader, with the other half nominated by the judiciary chief, himself an appointee of the supreme leader, and approved by Majlis.

Mousavi called on the government to free political prisoners and those detained during the recent protests. Mousavi also called on the government to institute press freedoms and electoral reforms.


Anonymous said...
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Nader Uskowi said...

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We need to keep a healthy debate on issues critical to Iran and our world.

Anonymous said...

What does Mousavi think he can accomplish by rejecting the election results?Unless he has a well armed army to over throw the current well armed regime.Its not going to change. The current Supreme Leader has made up his mind on who is going to be Irans president and it wasnt Mousavi.Its over unless you have a revolution/civil war a coue and force a change.They arent just going to step down without a fight no matter what the Iranian people say.They have control and they want to keep it and they will fight there own people to keep it also. Freedom isnt free sometimes you have to fight for it and Im not talking about using sticks and stones and words either.When the enemy has guns t fight with youll need guns etc to fight back with .Bad governmental leadership is bad for the people/country they represent.So dont just reject to election certification, force a change for the sake of the Iranian people/Iran. Be strong: Thomas