Saturday, June 20, 2009

Day 8: Enghelab Rally

Thousands of people showed up for the planned rally at Enghelab Square, but were held off by heavily armed police to start the rally. The police used tear gas and chased people into alleys surrounding the square. But in spite of the police tactics, large number of dissenters gathered at Enghelab Avenue between Qusa Avenue and Enghelab Square.

6:00 pm: Large number of people on Enghelab Avenue, between Qods and Enghelab Square.

5:15 pm: Thousands are trying to gather at Enghelab; police is dispersing them by beating people and using tear gas. Police is chasing everyone into alleys and streets surrounding the square.

5:00 pm: Police force used tear gas to disperse people trying to gather at Enghelab.

4:45 pm: Few thousand protesters are defying heavy police presence and trying to pass police line to participate in the rally.

4:45 pm: Azadi Square, the destination of today's planned march is also filled with heavily armed police.

4:30 pm: Enghelab Square: More than 200 heavily armed police is guarding the square, preventing people to gather there as planned.

4:00 pm: People are heading to Enghelab Square to participate in the planned Enghlab-Azadi freedom march.

4:00 pm: Enghelab Square and surrounding streets are filled with police, but there are no report of incidents yet.

(Times in Iran Standard Time)

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