Thursday, November 21, 2013

IRGC/Basij 'Beit ol-Moghaddas' exercises, 2nd stage

Markazi Province (Arak)

Column of Basij Ashoura battalion, along unpaved road

Basij Ashoura anti-riot training, in the field

Basij unit, issued newer digital camo BDUs

Portraits of Basij, fallen during the Imposed War (1980-1988)

IRGC brigadier general inspects and salutes senior Basij

Attention provided to Basij Al-Zahra member's regulation chador

Formation of Basij and Basij Al-Zahra battalions

Al-Zahra battalion observed as a company strength equivilent

Toyota Land Cruiser 70 series modified for special operations (possibly with NAJA emblems painted over).  Sniper team on vehicle roof armed with Nakhjir Sniper Rifle (SVD).

Anti-hostage training training exercise (1)

Anti-hostage training training exercise (2)

Iranian-built AMICO X-186 motorcycle   (edit 11/21/13)

Mazandaran Province (Babol)

Better equiped Basij equipped with AK type assault rifle and field pack

Senior Basij on a Caspian Sea beachfront position

Prone Basij armed with AK-type assualt rifles, beachfront position at the Caspian Sea 

Better equipped Basij geared in woodland camo BDUs and canvas field packs

Basij donning assortment of BDU camo schemes and gear

Basij manning DShK type heavy machine gun, with RPG grenadier to his left

Ghilie-suited Basij sniper armed with Nakhjir Sniper Rifle (SVD)

Basij grenadier armed with RPG

 Golestan Province

Prone Basij occupying firing line during what appears to be a live fire training exercise (LVX)

Basij exercise handling of prisoners

Note in background what appears to be unfinished mass public housing project, utilized for training exercise. Urban training and conditions likely result of IRGC experience gained during current Syrian conflict.

Photos: Seyed Mehrdad Sharifi and Behroz Khosravi at FARS News Agency


Anonymous said...

Khamenei, and Basij and Ahmadinejad are the losing fraction in the right wing part of Islamic republic; Larijani Brothers will replace them sooner or later; Larijani Brothers are anti-Iranian like those elements mentioned above; but they have a sort of class consciousness, understand business and are different than those low class thugs above.

B.M.A said...


GONE are the days when Uskowi would take criticisms with dignity and go ahead publish comments even if seem to hit him!.But kudos to Mark for taking jabs every day,earning himself a FUNNY Name!.Now Nader don't you see that you are lifting yourself into something like a small god -super perfect,always right,no criticism!, -Take HEART ! MAN!!- and open up to criticism , it has a bright side!!.

MEANWHILE let us hope the NUTS here wont MAKE some 'discoveries ' THAT these drills are a Russ to train Hezbollah and special forces of SYRIA.

Anonymous said...

Thanks for your spiteful and class-biased mentality comments. The Islamic Republic will remain in power with an ever better public support after improving relations with the west. MKO zealouts have no agenda left.

Anonymous said...

They should send these basiji goh va to saree khor badbakht to the Syrian front for martyrdom operations.

Anonymous said...

Yes if I were an economically unproductive and therefor useless member of the society like you I would pray for Islamic republic to pay me for my loyalty; but since basijis are not a productive member of the society they will be downgraded because of their their economic uselessness; this has nothing to do with MKo; it is about economy

Anonymous said...

The reason the regime uses these olaghs is because it has no "public support".

Anonymous said...

This is why Khamenei wants the population to increase to 150 mil.
He will have many more of these deprived, uneducated mass to use to stay in power.

reader said...

To whom is this force accountable? Is it recognized by Iranian constitution? Where does its power and legitimacy come from?

Anonymous said...

I agree.They need havoons like these basiji beshoor to maintain their vile rule in Iran.

Anonymous said...

reader......To the arsonist of Cinima Rex that burned alive 400 innocent people aka khamenei chief
terrorist leader of islamic fascist regime.

Bahram Esfandiari said...

Long live the Basij, protectors of the Revolution!

Anonymous said...

Bahram,what revolution man? If you would have said the protectors of khamenei and his cohorts then you would have been more believable!

Anonymous said... --- Iran-Iraq War - (failed Iraqi counter-attack against Iranian defence in Al-Faw).

Bahram Esfandiari said...

The Revolution that kicked out little reza and keeps the likes of you out of Iran!

Anonymous said...

@little bahram,chill let me educate you. A revolution is when "little reza" as you claim tried to change a backward society stuck in its past with superstitions then tried to frog march it towards the 21st century.The people who couldn't tolerate it were the 7th century dregs of society namely the so-called "religious" class of ablahs aka the mullahs and their hayvoons. Oh by the way little bahram "the likes of" me is not only in Iran but in much greater numbers than before.