Saturday, November 23, 2013

Iran Navy '28th Fleet' task force sets out for India and Sri Lanka

According to FARS News Agency:
The Iranian Navy's Tareq-class submarine, 'Younus', was dispatched to the East Asian waters, a Navy commander announced on Wednesday.
“The (Iranian) Navy will dispatch the ultra heavy Tareq-class submarine, ‘Younus’ as part of the Navy’s 28th flotilla of warships to the countries of East Asia,” Lieutenant Commander of the Iranian Navy for Operations Admiral Siyavash Jarreh said Wednesday afternoon, a few hours before the 28th flotilla left the harbor in Southern Iran.
He underlined Iran's sophisticated technology in the naval industry, saying “The most complicated technology of world’s military equipment belongs to submarines.”
The Admiral said that Alborz destroyer and Bandar Abbas helicopter-carrier warship will accompany Younus in this crucially important extraterritorial mission of the Iranian Navy.
“The Navy’s 28th Flotilla will berth at Mumbai and Colombo ports during its voyage,” he added.
That would comprise:

- IRINS Yunes (903)(ex-B 220) Tareq (Kilo) class (Project 877EKM) diesel-electric submarine (SSK)

- IRINS Alborz (72)(ex-Zaal) Alvand (Vosper Mark V) class frigate (FFG)

- IRINS Bandar Abbas (421) Bandar Abbas class light replenishment ship (AORLH)

File photo: IRINS Yunes (903) diesel-electric submarine

File photo: IRINS Alborz (72) frigate

File photo: IRINS Bandar Abbas (421) light replenishment ship

Photos: Fars News Agency and IRINN


Anonymous said...

Maybe it should go to the Atlantic and see what happens over there?

Anonymous said...

what's this nonsense about some "crucially important extraterritorial mission" ?

TLAM Strike said...

"ultra heavy Tareq-class submarine" really, ultra heavy? Sure the Kilo is big for a diesel boat, but she is not THAT big. At 3,000 tons displacement she is about one half to one third the size of a fast attack nuke boat.