Monday, January 17, 2011

Wave of Executions in Iran

Iranian authorities have unleashed an "execution binge" with an average rate of one person hanged every eight hours since the beginning of the year, the International Campaign for Human Rights in Iran said in its statement yesterday. The New York-based group said at least 47 prisoners have been hanged since January 1, 2011. Most of the executed were convicted of violent crimes, although among them was a Kurdish activist who had been detained for the past six years.


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Anonymous said...

1 was kurdish, i wonder how many were rashti or ghazwini.

probably a few drug pushers from afghanistan (good case to politicise)

gimme a breake.


Anonymous said...

forgot to add,

I lost interest the second I read that some were Kurdish.

implying they are better people than the rest, or worse they are not Iranians.


Nader Uskowi said...

The Kurd was identified because his was reportedly the only political execution. The rest had been convicted of criminal activities.

Anonymous said...

Ashtiani is singing "satyin alive" from the Bee Gees, and nobody cares.

Anonymous said...

Mr Uskowi
If i were from ghazvin and killed a policeman and claimed to have done it for the liberation of ghazwin, would I be a Martyr or a murderer if hanged ?

Anonymous said...

Iran like the US has capital punishment so hanging terrorists, murderers and rapists is the obvious legal outcome. Hanging 47 convicted criminals in a vast nation of 80 million is hardly something the "human rights" crocodilian tear jerkers should be worried about. How about the 500 Muslim innocents in GITMO and 8% of all African Americans and Hispanics in US gulags? Let's keep perpective here.

Anonymous said...

You rape or kill in Iran , you 'll hang high and unless the next of kin does not forgive, your death is a sure thing.
So stop pretending to be shocked you lill sissy monarchists. I saw the Keyhan of London today and am still laughing me pants wet.

Nader Uskowi said...

Anon 12:19 PM,

I share your concerns on human rights abuses in other countries, including the US. However, this is a blog on Iran Iran, hence the concentrations of our posts on the issues facing the country. There are so many great blogs that follow the human rights issues worldwide as well as the US politics. In this post, the aim was to raise awareness of a serious issue in Iran, the binge executions of the recent days. I was not after comparing Iran to the US or any other country for that matter.

Anon 9:28 PM,

Please note whenever a government targets a particular group or a particular minority there would be serious concerns. There are, I am sure, criminals in Kurdistan as they are in Qazvin or any other place in the country, and we expect the government to deal with their crimes and deal with them strongly, although I am very concerned that this government emphasizes the capital punishment over other forms of punishments.

But the similarity between Kurdistan and Qazvin, for example, ends there: The Kurds are a target of the central government because of the existence of a strong anti-government political movement there. The central government, like the previous regime, has chosen to deal with this movement with repression, including imprisonment and executions of Kurdish activists, hence the concern over their human rights. If we had a similar situation in Qazvin, then we should have dealt with it similarly.

Anonymous said...

The Kurds are 7 tribes and only one tribe (the smuggler tribe) is causing havoc.
The reason is their ever rising problems in smuggling goods back and forth.
Like the Tutsi and Hutu of Ruwanda (One farmer and the other sheperd) but one race yet killed each other.
Kurds are Iranians and those taking up arms are criminals, I am Kurd and refuse to be a tool of Israel in this game of yours.

Anonymous said...

I agree. The western propagandists and their out of touch exiled tools have a bizarre tendency to lump a few drug, arms and weapons smugglings "Kurds" into one universal category. Kurdish culture is tribal in nature and klan based in Iran, Iraq and Turkey. Kurds are as Iranian as anyone else. There are barely any distinct "ethnic" lines left in Iran due to centuries of inter-marriages and internal population movement. About 4 million Iranians of Kurdish backgound represent a very high number in the Artesh, government,diplomatic service and the security forces and are well integrated into Iranian society and the Islamic Republic. During the jange tahmili the Kurdish population and Arab Iranians from were the most dogged and staunch defenders of Iranian soil, like most patriotic Iranians. This "ethnic" labeling is a US/Zionist "divide and rule" tactic in a futile attempt to sow dissension in Iran and the region.

The people who are facing the legal and justice music in Iran are just ordinary CRIMINALS and have been convicted and deserve to be hanged or whatever punishment fits their crime. Killing government officials and citizens constitutes a terroristic crime in any country.

Anonymous said...

Thank you Mr Uskowi for highlighting the criminal behavior of the islamist regime of iran against it's own citizens. Perhaps of all Iranians, the Iranian kurds have suffered most under the rule of islamist regime. Whole kurdish villages had been wiped out by the islamist bassiji thugs, women raped and murdered. Children decapitated, men tortured to death, all because of kurds refusal for being a partner in crime in islamist regime's attrocities against it's own citizens. The kurdish political prisoners executed since january have all been killed as an act of revenge and terror against the kurdish people.

Anonymous said...

Last anon,

your very polite BS is one of the reasons people like me wont even bother to consider you and the likes of you as valid opinions.

You are a Mossad agent of Iranian descent, responsible for making such comments to irritate patriotic Iranians.


Anonymous said...

80% of Iran capital punishments for drug offences to go away