Friday, January 14, 2011

Russia and China Snub Iran - Reject Nuclear Tour Invitation

Russia and China today snubbed Iran and rejected Tehran’s invitation to join a “tour” of Iranian nuclear sites in Natanz and Arak on Saturday and Sunday. The Western countries had already rejected the invitation, regarding it as a bid to marginalize the role of International Atomic Energy Agency (IAEA) as the sole authority for inspection of the country’s nuclear facilities.

Iran’s invitation had been sent to all members of IAEA except the US, Britain, France and Germany. Iran was expecting to get positive response from China and Russia and by snubbing the West it was hoping to divide the major powers ahead of their upcoming talks with Iran on 21-22 January in Istanbul.

Only five countries have so far accepted Tehran’s invitation to participate in the weekend tour of the nuclear facilities: Cuba, Venezuela, Syria, Algeria and Egypt. Iran had also invited Brazil and Turkey, assumed to be Iran's close allies on nuclear issue, but both have declined.

Iran’s ambassador to IAEA, Ali Asghar Soltanieh, said he was "very pleased" by the “positive” response of the international community to Tehran’s invitation.

The Iranian leaders are so consumed by their nuclear program that they are losing touch with realities, calling the rejection by all major powers and by Brazil, Turkey and the majority of IAEA membership a “positive” response to their invitation and their tactics. Their latest move was a big failure of their own making ahead of the crucial Istanbul talks.


Anonymous said...

They know exactly what goes on there, so why play a game.

Its not snubbing, they politely declined since Iran declared its openness for everyone to come and see.

Iran is moving forward and now they can claim they even opened the doors.

It is actually a media success.

Nobody can claim Iran is keeping everything secret.


Nader Uskowi said...


This publicity stunt was a big failure, biggest I can ever remember related to nuclear issue. I am dumbfounded that the Iranians did not expect the "polite" rejection of China, Russia, Turkey and Brazil!

Anonymous said...

Uskowi you seem very pleased that some countries declined the offer. You see Iran never believed that many of the countries would accept, it was a media ploy, do not hold your hopes too high Uskowi!

Anonymous said...

The "west" a euphemism for Zionist/Bilderberg cabal has no interest in seeking the TRUTH about Iran's nuclear energy program as the whole hype has nothing to do with "nukes" but a failing US/Zionist/UK led effort to destabilize Iran and undermine its progress and hard won FREEDOM. The best option for Iran is to really go for broke and develop a full-blown nuclear capability and give these neo-colonial thugs the proverbial middle-finger and let the chips fall where they may. The US is a bankrupt deadbeat with enough problems by the day so a full-scale "war" with Iran will be its final swan song. The Chinese on the other hand are playing their own game with the west and particularly the clownish US. Russia is a joke so no problems there.

Nader Uskowi said...

Anon 4:41 PM,

It is not matter of pleasure seeing the countries decline the offer, it is matter of bewilderment how sophomorish was Tehran's tactics.

Anonymous said...

When 127 countries send their reps. to take the nuclear tour then its more than anticipated for.

But lets emphasize on the few that have declined, Some for good reasosn...Other words, Rupert Murdoc needs to have its balls attended to..

Bless Iran and all Iranians except the MKO


Anonymous said...

don't tell me its propaganda, you can't invent persons who are there walking into places.


Anonymous said...

The Pressures the US/UK have been puting on some nations to "snub" as some want to call it is actually an attempt by US/UK to avoid the World to see and realize that the nuclear propaganda against Iran is actually a non existant one.
Iran should go ahead and keep up and ignore the attempted trivialzing of its actions.
Show the World that Iran is as much a threat as Iraq was with its WMD.

Dariush London

Nader Uskowi said...

We are dealing with different sets of facts here. Only six countries have sent their reps to the tour (Venezuela, Syria, Cuba, Algeria, Oman,and Egypt). I am not sure where some of you got the number 127 countries referring to the representatives present. And yes, it is true that those who declined were precisely the players Iran needs to count on: Russia, China, Turkey and Brazil.

Anonymous said...

Seven individuals from organizations representing 130 countries.

As you see Nader, you are selective with your interpretations.

I mean well as always


Anonymous said...

I believe that the real situation as pointed out by Illuminati is that over 120 nations, mostly the "non-aligned" and the rapidly developing powerhouses like Brazil, Indonesia, Turkey etc do indeed support the Iranian position, so does the vast majority of 56 Muslim nations of the OIC. even India is now more or less in the Iranian camp with the new oil deal and pipe-line talks.

Ambassadors to the U.N. atomic energy agency from Egypt, Cuba, Syria, Algeria, Venezuela, Oman and the Arab League arrived in Tehran early Saturday and visited the unfinished heavy water reactor near Arak in central Iran, state TV reported.

The group is expected to tour Iran's main uranium enrichment facility near Natanz on Sunday.

Soltanieh sought to play up the weekend visit, saying the ambassadors taking part represented 120 countries from the Non-Aligned Movement and the Group of 77 developing nations.

"These ambassadors and envoys ... have welcomed the Iranian initiative and see it as a sign of transparency in Iran's nuclear activities," the official IRNA news agency quoted Soltanieh as saying Saturday.

He said it was a replay of a 2007 visit to Iran's uranium conversion facility in Isfahan, central Iran, when several ambassadors visited the facility.

Soltanieh said the EU has "missed a historic opportunity" for co-operation.

Anonymous said...

Dear Mr Uskowi, Sir why do you post more, Western Propaganda articles, about the Iranian People.
The Iranian People,Have come a long way, Since the days of the ShaH N ShaH. I suggest that you read a book call, The History of Iran. (a Political History). Author (Abraham Arahanian).An Armenian expert on Iran. He gives a Fair, objective and Impartial Account of the Iranian Theocratic Leadership. So why can't you.