Monday, January 10, 2011

Slow Down in Iran Nuclear Program - U.S.

US Secretary of State Hillary Clinton today said at a televised town-hall meeting in Abu Dhabi that Iran’s ability to produce a nuclear weapon has been delayed by sanctions.

“Iran has had technological problems which have made it slow down its timetable,” Clinton said. “The sanctions are working and their program, from our best estimate, has been slowed down,” she added.

Clinton did not offer any details of the problems the Iranians were facing with their program. Her comments echoed the remarks last week of the outgoing head of Israeli intelligence service that Iran would not be able to make a bomb until 2015 because of the “measures deployed against them.”

Iran is believed to have trouble getting materials to make the advanced types of centrifuges and its computer systems at its uranium enrichment facility are believed to have been sabotaged causing glitches in the operation of the existing centrifuges.


weapons of mass DISTRACTION said...

Oprah blah, blah, blah... in Arabic!

Mr.U, please spare us this kind of "sweet talk" in the future!

Anonymous said...

Usual US pipedreams and fantasy...

Anonymous said...

mrs clinton does not know in reality of iran level of technology as long as make such a comment i can see they are backing off them stand and iran winning the political and nuclear issue faster than ever so what is next to them political mind in the future is to give iran what she want to have it is simple and best way to stop complax in political way other wise iran ready to strike so hard by the time to relized is to late to recover the lost of all persian gulf area.

reader said...

It is possible that Mrs Clinton is preparing the ground for a possible compromise. Not sure who to believe any more. The IRI has this habit of over exaggerating modest achievements in mastering the technology, the IR-2 centrifuge seems to be still on drawing board, the number of operating IR-1 centrifuges has dropped and the Arak reactor is nowhere near completion. Given the absence of any plausible explanation from the IRI, no wonder the sabotage theory is gaining ground.

Anonymous said...

where are you my friend ir2 has installed 3 years ago in the mid/2010 government has installed ir3 that is 10 times faster than ir2 for your information, iaea reported last year ago to the public.

Anonymous said...

The fact remains that poor Hillary and most of the clueless not so intelligent "western intelligence" agencies do not have any reliable information about Iran's nuclear program, economy or defence industry. The Zionist media basing their fantasies on the likes of Debka old ladies in the lonely low rent Tel-Aviv apartment and "Iranian defectors" (euphemism for MKO/Jundollah terrorists) feeds its daily quota of speculative nonsense on the "time-frame" for "Iranian bomb", which has now advanced to 2015, however, stay tuned for further updates as the weather changes.

US just fans this nonsense to get the Persian Gulf Arabs excited about the "Iranian threat" and sell them more worthless weaponry at inflated prices and try to stoke a futile anti-Iran hysteria in the region. The Arabs in general, with the exception of the corrupt House of Saud and UAE petro-pimps are not that stupid to fall for this Iranophobia not backed up by any FACTS at a time the US faces eternal decline. Hillary should focus more on the violent circus in Arizona and at the imploding economy and collapsing home front. Rampaging US is hardly in a position to fearmonger about Iran.

Anonymous said...


Iranian mentality would sell its 10000000... $ for 1 .. only to be able to say ... I was right.

And I say Bless them for it, thats what I call honor.

Irans quest for the feul cycle is moving forward and nobody can change it by calling it a Bomb quest.


Anonymous said...

President Ahmadinejad said it best when he stated "Clinton is anti-Iran."