Friday, January 21, 2011

No New Investments by China - Tabnak

Iran’s popular news website Tabnak, quoting a report published yesterday at the influential Foreign Policy magazine website, said the Chinese have stopped new investments in Iran’s energy sector and have decided not to backfill business opportunities left open by foreign firms that have left Iran due to sanctions against the country [Tabnak, 21 January].

The Chinese assurances of no new investments in Iran were given personally to President Obama by the visiting Chinese President Hu on Wednesday at the White House. The aides to President Obama have told Foreign Policy that the Iran issue has been at the top of the agenda on the U.S.-China relationship.

"In all the meetings between the president and President Hu and our high-level interactions, there was no issue that occupied as much time and attention as Iran. It was absolutely at the top of the agenda in pretty much every meeting," a senior US official has told FP.

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Anonymous said...

USA is broke, yet it's priority is Iran. What about investments for it's industry, infrastructure, alternative energy. The infatuation with Iran is close to madness. This is what happens when the Zionist parasites get hold of your government and politicians

Anonymous said...

hahaha, the Chinese economy is growing at 10% a year, and they're not going to invest in Iran, maybe they'll get their oil from Texas. haha that rag isn't worth the paper it's printed on, trust Nader to highlight such implausible propaganda. The US owes China hundreds of billions of dollars, and is rapidly devaluing its currency, meanwhile China is planning to ditch the Dollar as the worlds reserve currency, but we're meant to believe that top of the agenda is Iran? South Korea, and Japan in particular will be pleased to hear that.

"If it's anti-Iran, it's in Uskowi on Iran.", should be the header of this blog.
Nader qualifies an Iranian success story, note: the surging Stock exchange post, but this ridiculous propaganda against Iran goes in without qualification, or even common sense analysis.

According to this blog Iran cannot make a correct tactical, or strategic decision, any Iranian success should be viewed with suspicion, and Iran's motives should be assessed through the filter of Western demands and paranoia. Capitulation is the only acceptable option for Iran it seems.

Anonymous said...

This article is absolute NONSENSE. Actually, China is broadening its economic and strategic ties with Iran. China is growing at over 10% while the US is a deadbeat LOSER of global proportions. China will need more energy as it becomes the paramount power in about 5 years and Iran-China ties are very deep.

These rags that post idiotic nonsense are part of the US/Zionist psy-ops as outlined by the outgoing MOSSAD thug-in-chief Daggan.

The US/Zionists have a 3 pronged FAILING strategy:

1. a full-blown propaganda campaign against Iran both globally and domestically based on TOTAL LIES and disinformation.

2. Efforts at internal destabiliztion of Iran via supporting terrorist groups, co-opting anti-Iran exiles (mostly Bahais, Jews and minorities like Wahabbi Jundollah and braindead MKO types). Assassination of Iranian intellectuals, scientists and technicians via a terror campaign. Also encouraging "defections'. That has not worked out either as the Amiri case clearly showed with ample egg on US face and mega-embarassment.

3. Economic pressure via "sanctions and embargoes" and pressuring foreign governments against economic cooperation with Iran. However, that has backfired bigtime, hence the US/Zionist frustration and these types of crass moronic articles in a toilet paper rag that no-one even in Iran or anywhere reads.

NONE OF THESE IDIOTIC TACTICS WILL WORK. Iran is quite prepared for these insidious tactics.

Anonymous said...

Chinees and special countries investments and works are not done officially.
There are interactiones better kept quiet.

Dariush London

Kemjika said...

the FACT is that iran is an energy superpower and the US,CHina and India are increasing their energy use, so they can't bluff. THERE IS NO BLUFFING when it comes to energy needs. By the way, China will keep breaking this same promise. i can only laugh now because i know that CHina is actually more of a problem for US currently than iran is: Human rights, taiwan sales, north korea, China-asia relations ,cyber attacks,etc. This "great" game is just going through another phase.the chinese aren't bullshittin me that they don't need oil. they are oil whores,just like americans..

Nader Uskowi said...

Anon 11:38 AM,

You should direct your anger at Tabnak, which published the report inside Iran! For your information, Tabnak is run by former IRGC commander Mohsen Rezaie. With this list of your "enemies" growing so fast, soon you yourself will be branded the enemy!

reader said...

Well said Nader!