Wednesday, January 26, 2011

Growing Rift Between Ahmadinejad and Larijanis

Tehran newspapers, including the influential conservative daily Kayhan, in their Wednesday’s editions have widely discussed the growing rift between President Ahmadinejad and Larijani brothers who head the legislative and judicial branches of the government.

In a letter addressed to the members of Majlis, Ahmadinejad said Majlis Speaker Ali Larijani, in collaboration with Judiciary chief Sadeq Larijani, was interfering in government’s business and was attempting to limit the president’s power in order to accrue more power for himself.

“Attempts by the Majlis speaker, in unfortunate collaboration with the judiciary chief, in interfering in the affairs of the executive branch, such as the selection of the chairman of the Central Bank, create disruption in the management of the affairs of the country,” Ahmadinejad said [Kayhan, 26 January].

In a blow against Ayatollah Rafsanjani, Ahmadinejad also accused the Expediency Council, headed by Rafsanjani, of attempting to uphold Majlis’s “unconstitutional” bills in the guise of national interests.

“What national interests are prompting the [Expediency] Council to side with the Majlis and the judiciary in their interference with the executive branch’s mandate to appoint government officials?” Ahmadinejad added.

Some of prominent conservative lawmakers, such as Ahmad Tavakoli, dismissed Ahmadinejad’s claims.

"Such an attack [by the president] is a pretext to cover up social problems and to overshadow serious economic weaknesses, whose problems are increasing day by day," Tavakoli said.

To read Kayhan’s report in Farsi, click here.


Anonymous said...

who cares?

Anonymous said...

More childish girly "gossip".

Nader Uskowi said...

Interesting comment. This is the first time I see Kayhan of being accused of running childish gossip. I wish you also share your comments with Shariatmadarai!

Anonymous said...

dear uskowi

Keyhan is in the fact very childisch.

Anonymous said...

unimportant issues, like what the huffington post would sometimes write, remember huffington post once wrote at the behest of Amir aheri that Jews are supposed to wear yellow David stars on their jackets....loool

more important is the Davos gathering in Swizerland where Iranians are not invited to please Israelis.


Anonymous said...

More important dear Illuminat is the fact that Egypt is moving away from Israel and in direction of Iran.

More important is the balance of power is drifting towards Iran, due to Lebanon, Iraq,Tunnis and as it looks Egypt, next to Syria and hopefully Yemen too.

something cooking dude

Dariush London

Anonymous said...

I see that the Zionist hasbara is pushing childish commentary via websites like this. In Germany and Austria the crescendo about the holocaust and Jewish suffering is in full swing. This could be 2 things either they Zionist need blood money or a violent confrontation is going to take place. The Iranian hasbara especially the middle class is in collaboration with these Zionist to push this propaganda. Stand firm Iran! Send your prisoners to LA for some back to front rendition.

Persicus Maximus said...

Egypt is a controlled demolition

please read my article

Anonymous said...

i doubt that persicus, i think we are witnessing the collapse of the Egyptian regime unplanned.

i only try to think of it being good for Iran or bad for Iran, Egypt is irrelevant. :)


Nader Uskowi said...

Anon 6:42 AM,

Kayhan is the source of this "childish commentary." Amazing that even Shariatmadari's Kayhan is being labeled a tool of "Zionists."