Wednesday, January 19, 2011

New Gasoline Prices Set to Go Into Effect

The government announced today that as part of its subsidy reforms and effective 21 January the price of semi-subsidized gasoline will be raised to 400 toumans per liter, a 400% increase over the current subsidized price of 100 toumans per liter. The use of semi-subsidized gasoline is however limited to 60 liters per month per vehicle. The price of non-subsidized (unrestricted) gasoline is set at 700 toumans per liter, also effective 21 January.


Anonymous said...

Still very cheap by world standards. Oil is again headed towards $150 a barrel.

Anonymous said...

I agree, Iran is almost giving this gasoline away for free.

Go Iran Go


Nader Uskowi said...

Subsidy reforms have been the best things that has happened to the country's economy, period. Since the rise in oil prices in early 1970s, an economy based on government handouts was created that has become inefficient and unsustainable.

Anonymous said...

Illuminati above is from America, and not the authentic one...

Only Americans call it "Gasoline"

and only a cynical a-hole says Go-Iran Go after a negative remark.

the real Illuminati that calls it petrol

Anonymous said...

The fake "Illuminati" also has a problem with spellings as he/she uses one "l". I wonder what GO IRAN GO means? Perhaps it is a prepubescent yearning for GO CART racing.LOL.

Anyway, I agree with Nader that by removing the artificial and unsustainable subsidies Iran's economy will will be in better position to enhance efficiency, productivity and competitiveness. It took government guts but the public accepted it as inevitable. Iran still looks like an economic paradise if you see the region from the Arab Maghreb (Algeria, Morrocco, Tunisia, Libya to bankrupted poverty stricken charity case Egypt) to the Persian Gulf petro-pimpdoms and global beggar Pakistan. Even the US taxpayer funded Zionist entity is in economic malaise as poverty in the corupt Zionist looters colony in occupied Palestine is now rampant.