Wednesday, January 12, 2011

Iran to Launch New Satellite

Iran will launch “Fajr” communication satellite into orbit in February, Minister of Communications and Technology Reza Taqipour said [IRNA, 12 January]. Iran successfully launched its first satellite Omid (“Hope”) into orbit in 2009 on a Safir-2 rocket.


reader said...

Which rocket? I hope it is Simorgh - any other rocket will be seen as a slowdown due to sanction or sabotage.

Anonymous said...

Afghan girl raped, killed by US troops

such news never gets coverage, but Ashtiani a murderer gets coverage

shame shame shame

reader said...

Anonymous: I understand your frustration with the west's double standard but please try to stay on topic. I am not quite sure that condemning a murderer to death by stoning is the most civilized way of serving justice – definitely not Iranian.

Anonymous said...

In reality, the Ashtiani case is mostly hype and propaganda. The lady killed her husband and acknowledges it and is still hardly stoned to "death" but giving interviews. The US and west pales in comparison in sheer brutality and savagery. The US has killed millions in Iraq and Af-Pak and they are literally raping the Middle-East and have the temerity to question Iran's peaceful nuclear program and scientific progress. US and the Zionist lapdogs are murdering Iranians, including academics and scientists and then have the nerve to question Iran's "human rights' record. These shameless double standards are the very reason the US is hated by all.

Anonymous said...

There has never ever been a case of stoning in Iran.Claiming otherwise is a lie.The rule is there but has never been implimented. The conditions of stonning as staged by Islam can never exist. (four just people actually seeing the coitus with their own eyes)
Its just a mean to declare how terrible the act actually is.

So consider the Ashtiani case a propaganda case against Iran, and many wantonly falling for it and deliberately wanting to believe.

And I repeat, NO There has never been a case of stoning in Iran ever, some of the films some might have seen are hollywood make ups by oppostion terror groups stationed in Iraq.