Tuesday, January 18, 2011

Protest Over Fuel Tankers - Afghan Chamber

The Afghan Chamber of Commerce issued a resolution today calling on Afghan businessmen to stop doing business with Iran until it stops blocking or slowing thousands of tucks carrying fuel from crossing into Afghanistan. The Iranian action began in late December, resulting in shortage of fuel in the country and prompting large protests in Kabul and Herat in recent days.


Anonymous said...

Afghans should be grateful that Iran is keeping their corrupt occupied nation on-life support by generous economic aid and fuel, not to mention the 2-3 million illegal Afghans living in Iran and making a decent living in the booming Iranian constrauction sector. Iran is even providing free medical care and education for these ungrateful wretched losers who should be campaigning against the US occupation and trying to build a viable state than be pawns of the US and Pakistani agenda.

Afghans will never amount to anything unless they form some sort of loose confederation with Iran which has had historical cultural, linguistic (even Dari is corrupted Farsi), religious and economic dependency on Iran and its ancient influence over the whole region. If Iran wanted to it could choke land-locked and dirt poor Afghanistan to death in a few months since the Pashtuns are already up in arms over the Khyber and eastern artificial border with imperialist created Pakistan. The defacto Durand line created by a British bureaucrat (major Durand) is not recognized by any Afghan, whether Pashtun, Tajik or Hazara.

Gonzo said...

Maybe this has to do with the TAPI snub... bye, bye IPI !

Since I'm known for my healthy paranoia ("you have no clue who're you're messing with"):no zionist sharks or vultures but tigers... as biowarfare agents! No seriously, considering Medvedev's boys already screwed up once with Bushehr.

Gonza said...

Off topic:

Finally the prospect of a long(?)range, hypersonic AA-missile, the "Hag"!... but why call it "mid-range"? Anyway, presumably based on an upgraded SM1 launched from the Hawk (="Shahin") launcher ("Shabahang" project). I already had my doubts about the air-vaned ("fins") Shahin as the basis for an Iranian S-300 version.

Nader Uskowi said...

Anon 10:46 AM,

The Afghan nationals leaving in Iran during the eight years of war with Iraq worked hard and admirably in the cities on jobs vacated by the young Iranians fighting the enemy. Their contribution to the war is un- or under-appreciated. We need to be careful generalizing about the Afghans and their presence in Iran.

There should be no joy in "choking a land-locked and dirt poor country." Interesting that the sentiment comes from people crying against the West for its sanctions against Iran.

Humanitarian considerations aside, Iran can ill afford to look at Afghanistan as a poor and defeated country. Afghanistan is sitting atop world's largest mineral deposits and sooner than later the country will be one of the richest on the face of the earth. It might be hard to believe now, but that's the reality of Afghanistan. Belittle them at your own peril.