Saturday, January 22, 2011

Iran Will Not Abide by UN Resolutions – Soltanieh

Iran’s Ambassador to the International Atomic Energy Agency (IAEA) Ali Asghar Soltanieh said at a press conference in Moscow on Friday that Iran will not abide by the resolutions the United Nations Security Council has adopted against the country’s nuclear program. Soltanieh added that those resolutions are in “violation of international laws.” [IRNA, 22 January]

“Iran has not implemented the Security Council's resolutions and will not implement them in the future either because they lack legal basis and validity and have been issued in violation of international laws,” Soltanieh said.

Mr. Soltanieh’s hardline comments come at a time that Iran and the permanent members of the UNSC are in the middle of talks in Istanbul over the country’s nuclear program.


Anonymous said...

First of all, these comments can not be considered hardline. This position is backed by nearly the entire spectrum of Iranian politics, as well as a solid majority of the electorate. Thus they should be considered near universal or mainstream.

Iran has been saying for many years now the NPT entitles it to the entire nuclear fuel cycle. This position is supported by NAM, nearly all of G77 and OIC, i.e. the majority of nations comprising the international community. Iran considers the UNSC resolutions against its nuclear program to be contrary to international law. This is not news, rather it it simply a reaffirmation of its long held position.

Expecting Iran to capitulate on this position is unrealistic.

Anonymous said...

Iran should only look at its own strategic and national interests. The days of threats by bankrupt US/UK/Zionist triumvirate of evil are long gone. These scummy cowards along with 53 other "NATO" and assorted puppets could not even win against Iraq and Afghanistan, the two weakest Muslim nations in over a decade, let them try their bullying tactics against Iran. The two LOST wars by US warmongers have already turned the US into a bankrupt deadbeat and a global joke. The Zionist parasites have already caused enough damage to the US like they did to Europe before WW2.

Anonymous said...

could not even win against Iraq and Afghanistan, the two weakest Muslim nations in over a decade surely you mean the UAE and Saudi Arabia

Nader Uskowi said...

If Iran has made its positions crystal clear to the world and would not seek any form of compromise, then why would it want to sit with six major powers and negotiate over the country's nuclear program. Unless I am missing something and the Istanbul talks are just a social gathering of old pals.

This is not how diplomacy works. Diplomacy and politics in general are the art of possible, and without compromises there is no need for diplomacy.

Fortunately the current government of Iran well understands the importance of diplomacy in an increasingly shrinking world. Iran can have its principles, like any other countries, but at same time needs to find ways to cooperate with others in this small globe. Of course hardliners would call this capitulation, but that's expected of them.

Anonymous said...

Nader, Iran has always been willing to sit down and reach a compromise. Count how many compromise offers they've made over the past eight years, such as a multinational nuclear fuel bank on Iranian soil, LEU holding point at Kish, LEU holding point in Turkey, it's previous voluntary suspension of enrichment, a temporary acceptance of AP conditions, the Paris Agreement, The Tehran Declaration... What has it ever gotten in return for these offers? Nothing.

That's because it always come back to the West's insistence that Iran give up its NPT right to the nuclear fuel cycle, and curtail its advances in the field of nuclear technology.

Iran will talk but it certainly won't capitulate.

Anonymous said...

Nader what you call "compromise" others call "capitulation".
you call us "hardliners", we call you a defeatist.

Although I suspect you will not be satisfied until Israel opens an embassey in Tehran, I truly appreciate your blog, and read it daily, just try to be a little more balanced and stop letting your anti-Iran bias show so obviously. Insulting your readership is not an alternative.

Nader Uskowi said...

Anon 5:30 AM

My apologies to you and to any other readers who have been insulted by my earlier comments. The comment sections in this little blog are themselves witness of the tolerance, in fact encouragement of opposite views.

I have never shied away from expressing my views, and I encourage all readers to do so, but using words that have offended you and other readers was a mistake on my part and my apologies again.

In the past two days there have been a number of anonymous comments accusing this blogger as being anti-Iran, the enemy, the one who wants Iran to capitulate, etc. Posting a report first published in Iran by Tabnak, or calling for compromise with the West on nuclear program, notwithstanding previous experiences, or posting the news of the growth of Tehran Stock Exchange, but saying to some of the commentators that we need not be carried away, should not be considered hostile. We have entered a time that the "we" circle inside Iran ever shrinking and soon there would be few people left who are not considered to be enemy. This is a sad development for the country and for the Iranian people.

Thanks again for your readership and looking forward to your comments in future.

Gifted one said...

Nader, I am the anonymous blogger that you cite, I am also Anon 5:30. I think that in the spirit of supporting Iran I got carried away and made some disrespectful comments, and for that I sincerely apologize.

from now on I will be using my Blogger username, Gifted0ne, and will no longer be Anonymous, this way at least you can deal with any criticism,o r comment I have personally.

Once again let me say how much I appreciate your "little" blog, and find it a valuable and trusted service.
God bless Iran!

Anonymous said...

Israel has not abided by at least 60 UN resolutions

World problems start and end with Israel.

Solve that rest will follow.


Gifted one said...

"World problems start and end with Israel."

This is a ridiculous notion, and i hope you don't act on such assumptions in real life. Israel and the Palestinians have a right to peaceful coexistence, and posting such a comment here serves to tarnish the spirit in which comments are left, and reflect badly on your state of mind.

Nader Uskowi said...

Gifted one,

Thanks so much for your kind words. Looking forward to your comments in future. The sign of a good blog is the presence of vigorous debates from opposing views, and hope we can all help make this blog a better one.

Anonymous said...

I tend to agree with the illuminat up there.
Without Israel in the region,we would not have seen these problems and at least 2 million people would still be alive, and who knows may be AIDS would have had a cure or more...

I Think its a fair statement

reader said...

Nader: You are a true gentleman and an honourable Iranian …. and so is “Gifted one” .