Wednesday, July 7, 2010

Sanction May Slow Enrichment, But Will Not Stop It - Iran

Iran’s director of atomic energy organization said today in Bushehr that the new UN and US sanctions would not stop the country’s enrichment program, but it may slow it down.

"One can't say sanctions are ineffective," said IAEO Director Ali Akbar Salehi. "If sanctions are aimed at preventing Iran's nuclear activities, we say they may slow down the work, but will not stop the activities. This is a certainty.

"On the issue of enrichment, we may face problems with some equipment such as measuring instruments," Salehi added.

"If we face a problem over this equipment, we will manufacture it" [ISNA, 7 June].


Anonymous said...

Iran needs to clearly define and explain the aims of its nuclear program. Either Iran should test a nuke, if it has the capability, or just opt for a transparent civilian energy program. The longer this never ending game continues the more confusion and propaganda fodder for Iran's enemies.

North Korea, the Zionist entity, India and Pakistan had a definite finality to their nuclear programs and once they tested their nukes, the world did not come to an end and everyone calmed down and accepted the fait-accompli. Iran needs to do the same and let the chips fall where they may. Short of an insane military occupation, which is simply not possible, there is not much else the US and its few assorted stooges can do anyway, considering their geo-political and economic plight.

Nader Uskowi said...

Agreed that Iran needs to make clear its intentions. If we take the supreme leader’s repeated assurances that Iran does not intend to build the bomb, then I agree with the comment that the country needs to opt for a transparent civilian energy program, including an enrichment program producing enough uranium fuel for its future nuclear reactors. As is, the country is enriching way above its civilian needs for years to come.

Anonymous said...

the reality is iran has 60 to 90 nuclear war head from 1991 to year 2000 that is them top secret so do play perfect politics to makes usa and unsc confused.

Anonymous said...

If it's not the nuclear file, then it will be support for terrorism (resistance to Zionism), if not that, something else.

The ignored Iranian offer to the US in 2003 clearly demonstrates that. So does the ignored Tehran Declaration in 2010.

It's Iran's sovereignty and independence they're after, nothing less.

Anonymous said...

I fully agree with the last anon.

its power policy and non other.

Nahid /Hamburg

Anonymous said...

Iran cannot survive if they are not a nuclear military power in the region.This is the reality.

Either Iran empowers with nukes,or they will go on the same way of Irak or Afganistan.

I am sure if Irak would have nuclear weapons,nobody would dare to attack Irak.

Iran must learn the lesson already,because they already has wasted the time with the civilian program for many years,and I hope iranians don´t pay the price for be good boys.

Anonymous said...

Elaborating on my previous comment under article "Irans pre-conditions for nuclear talks":

It's all about NPT's "nuclear Have-Nots" and possibly Iran's "nuclear ambiguity".
The Nuclear Proliferation Treaty (NPT) was a deal between Non-Nuclear-Weapon-States (NNWS), who promised NOT to weaponize any nuclear assets, and the nuclear weapons states (NWS) US, Br, Fr, Russia and China (yes, the same permanent UNSC members with a veto!), who promised to disarm and help the (mainly 3rd World) NNWS with developing their own peaceful nuclear assets. Of course the US and its two lapdogs reneged, as they did on so many of their deals, and now the only part they like to enforce is denying any country who's not a strategic partner the nuclear fuel cycle (the "nuclear weapons capability" as they like to call it now), so the NPT "Have-Nots" have to buy their fuel at a NWS monopoly called "fuel bank" (they just love the word bank).
The NNWS didn't get much peaceful nuclear assistance but, oh irony, the west did manage to help the very few non-NPT parties to acquire nuclear weapons. I'm talking about their allies Israel and India (Pakistan had to steal its way to nukes). India, who was a USSR ally back then, became a nuclear pariah but when it switched sides after 1990 and became another western asset against "muslim extremism", the US got all sanctions lifted in 2008. Israel was never sanctioned of course thanks to their policy of "nuclear ambiguity": not admitting to nukes so the west can keep supporting them, but not denying either so they can keep terrorizing their neighborhood.
Iran seems to have taken upon itself to expose all this HYPOCRISY against the NPT nuclear "Have-Nots" and possibly with its own brand of "nuclear ambiguity": we have the right to produce our own fuel but if you deny us this right with military force and with nukes you promised to scrap, you may end up getting nuked yourselves.
The latter would be a very dangerous and counterproductive ploy which IMHO will only bring ruin to Iran!


Anonymous said...

Just dropped in to recomment:

In case you did deal with Iran and are under pressure like many of us, then do as we did, make a new firm and concentrate doing business with Iran alone through .... you know :)

Let your real company do its business with the US and should you not do business with the US in the first place then have no fear.