Thursday, July 8, 2010

Obama: No Israeli Attack on Iran

President Barack Obama said in an Israeli TV interview broadcast on Thursday it is highly unlikely Israel would surprise Washington with an attack on Iran's nuclear facilities. Obama became the most senior US official making similar declarations recently to ease concerns over a possible Israeli attack amid widespread reports and rumors that Israel was planning for an attack in very near future.

"I think the relationship between the US and Israel is sufficiently strong that neither of us try to surprise each other," Obama said, when asked if he was concerned Israel could catch the US off guard with an attack on Iran's nuclear facilities [AFP, 8 July].


Anonymous said...

Looks like everyone is tiring of Zionist impotent rants and "sky is falling" psy-ops. This has to be the longest running circus of totally worthless threats in human history. Even the clowns don't laugh anymore.

Anonymous said...

Obama: Israelis suspicious of me because my middle name is Hussein
U.S. president tells Channel 2 Israel is unlikely to attack Iran without coordinating with the U.S.
By Haaretz Service

Mark Pyruz said...

Relevant to some degree: Israel shelves tanker replacement plans.

Anonymous said...

Thanks Mark. It is very relevent post indeed.

Zionists were planning on getting KC-135 tankers for longer reach. However, like we have discussed before, their limited number of Sufa-F-16I simply did not have the range to fly all the way through hostile Iranian airspace just to get to one site let alone hundreds, or even through Syrian or Turkish airspace. The shortest flying distance just to get to Natanz is more than 1000 miles and then the return trip under Iranian fire. It was a pipe-dream, perhaps to impress the Arabs. Iran did not blink.

It was all a bluff. Iran has over 200 dispersed sites associated with the nuclear program. Most are very well defended by both SAMS and IRIAF interceptors.

The best the Zionists could have done was to try to sneak in a Block 52-F-16I "Sufa" strike package of 24 planes with another dozen F-15I(Ra'am) flying top cover. Even this basically would have been ineffective considering the number of sites and underground facilities. Even this token small strike package would have needed at least 4 tankers loitering over hostile Iranian or Persian Gulf airspace. Iranian radar and monitoring stations in Lebanon, Syria and in Iran itself would have picked up even a single hostile aircraft let alone dozens of bogeys. Turkish airspace is closed to Zionist aircraft and no Arab country would dare give over-flight permission for a strike on Iran for obvious instant retaliation reasons. Even if some of the Zionist planes would have made it back they would not have found an airbase to land on since Iranian and Hezbollah missiles would have started falling by then.

I guess both the US and the puny Zionist poodle finally figured out that Iran is not Iraq.

Anonymous said...

Probably we all remember, at school there were always a couple of friends, who used to grab us and scream, let me go, let me go kill the bastard... and we were worried about our shirt

same applies to Israel, they hang on to the US and scream let me off your hook, let me kill off the Iranians (knowing it to BS) but still it echoes here and there as authentic.

Bless Iran, Iran is now at a stage where nobody can harm it seriously.

Anonymous said...

Fidel Castro, who according to the CIA should already have died from illness (or rather assassination?) countless of times, will make a rare TV appearance with this warning:


Anonymous said...

Castro's reflection "The origin of war" and
his TV appearance

Sorry to see that only Google translations are available on such short notice.