Wednesday, July 14, 2010

No Swap Deal with Iran - US

The White House spokesman Robert Gibbs told reporters in Washington on Tuesday that the US had made no deals with Iran in freeing Shahram Amiri. The Iranian scientist turned up earlier on Tuesday at Iranian Interest Section in Washington, accusing the US of kidnapping and imprisoning him for the past 14 months.

Amiri's walking in Iran’s official representative office in Washington gave rise to speculations that he was being swapped for the three American hikers held in Iran. Gibbs was denying such swap in his talks with the reporters today.


Anonymous said...

I think this whole episode was a "stinger", this episode was created to kill 2 birds with 1 stone that is Saudi and USA. For Saudi they have compromised Islam most holy Manasik, you see this will play against Saudi . Iran will be laughing all the way to the bank

Anonymous said...

here Iran,
Iran "IS" laughing

Leopersica said...

It's interesting to roll back and review yesterday's head lines in chronologically :

-Tuesday, December 8, 2009
"Iran Accuses US of Abducting Nuclear Scientist "

-Wednesday, December 9, 2009
"US State Department spokesman P.J. Crowley, speaking to reporters in Washington, declined to comment on the situation."

-the same day :
"Saudi authorities searched for him after being informed of his disappearance in Medina and at all the hospitals, hotels and centers in Mecca but they could not find him,"
-Tuesday, March 30, 2010
"Iran Nuclear Scientist Defected to US " ABC reported citing an unnamed US intelligence official.

-Monday, June 7, 2010
"Iran TV: Iranian Scientist Says Abducted by US"
-Tuesday, July 13, 2010
Amiri Turns UP in Washington
Iran’s state-owned Press TV quoted Amiri as saying that his “kidnapping was a disgraceful act by the US" [Press TV, 13 JULY]."
-Wednesday, July 14, 2010
"Iranian nuclear Scientist on his way back home" AP

weather he defected as US officals claim or was abducted as the Iranians Say is irrelevant the final outcome is :
US nill Iran one
even in the cold war classic espionage stories I do not recollect a single insident wherease KGB was able to bring in this profoundly public fashion the abducted spy back home
without a swap or
persuade the defected Spy to come home and humiliate the hosts this way.
It's impressive !!!

Anonymous said...

US "intelligence" has once again proved to be an OXYMORON. The US "intelligence agencies" spend over $100 billion a year on wiretapping, reading people's mail and on torture black holes around the world but are woefully inadequate in HUMINT (human intelligence)due to their racist structure and group think, good ole boy insulated networks not conducise to rational thinking.

Iran's VEVAK/MOIS are running circles around the CIA while it hassles US citizens and profiles in futility.

The laughter in Tehran in being heard all around the world at US expsense.

If US policy makers had any brains they should focus on building brides with emerging powers and quit these delusions of global hegemony based on a discredited Zionist agenda.

Kidnapping, murdering and torturing people around the world is not going to buy US any security, instead it will just create more anti-Americanism at a time the US economy is bankrupt and the balance of economic and geo-strategic power has shifted to Asia.

Real intelligence is to move beyond DENIAL and engage the 2 billion plus Muslims. Guantanomo Bay, Black Sites, Surveillance POLICE STATE and arrogance are no substitutes for basic human intelligence.

Unless US recognizes that violence, wars, and divisive Zionist agenda are counter-productive it will remain a global joke and on rapid downwards slope.

Anonymous said...

Iranian scientist to spill the beans on CIA modus operandi

After being kidnapped and violent debriefings by US intelligence officials, Mr Amiri was placed in the forced national resettlement program, a sort of restricted surveillance program for defectors run by the CIA. However, in recent months his nervousness about his personal freedom and safety grew markedly.
A former senior US intelligence official said he believed the the cultural isolation and distance from his family and young son made him more homesick and suspicious of US motives. A current US official said the CIA's racist Islamophobic attitude and lack of cultural sensitivity only increased Mr. Amiri's alienation. Whatever the reason, one night, looking haggard and unshaven, Mr Amiri made a video, apparently on his laptop computer.
It showed a young man saying in Persian that he had been kidnapped in a joint operation involving the CIA and the Saudi intelligence service in Medina on June 3 last year.
He said he was recording the video on April 5, in Tucson, Arizona. Hours later, another video appeared on YouTube, apparently made after the first one, with some professional help. Appearing in a well-lit room that appeared to be a library, Mr Amiri looked well groomed. He identified himself as a student in a PhD program and said he was eager to complete his studies and return to his family in Iran. This could well have been a coded message for Iranian officials to rescue him.
He insisted that he being kept against his will, and he demanded an end to what he called false videos about himself, saying he had no experience in any nuclear weapons programs.
He then made a third video, similar to the first.
Mr Amiri was expected in Tehran tonight, the Iranian Foreign Minister said last night. It was clear a hero's welcome is what awaited him there - a hero's welcome and a reunion with his family and then long hours of debfriefing by Iranian intelligence who have scored a propaganda jackpot an real human intelligence on US and Saudi operations. Iranians have acted with remarkable grace in not gloating over their intelligence victory.

Anonymous said...

here Iran.

My stomach starts to hurt from laughter...

can't stop laughing--- laugh with me...pleaseeeee take some weight off of me loool

Anonymous said...

In Iran, the story was being depicted as a humiliation for America. This is the latest "defeat for the Americans in their intelligence-security actions against Iran," ventured the semi-official Fars News Agency. "With intelligence and media activities of the Islamic Republic of Iran, the US government had to retreat and handed Amiri over to the Interest Section Office of Iran in Washington."
The Iranian-funded English language Press TV, said it had received an "audio message obtained by Iran's intelligence sources" purporting to show that Mr Amiri had been offered $10m "to appear on CNN and announce that he had willingly defected to the United States".

Mr. Amiri has ensured his status as a genuine Iranian hero who rubbed the nose of the greatest satan.