Tuesday, July 6, 2010

EU Bans Iran Air Boeing Planes

The European Union today banned most of Iran Air’s jets from European airports. The EU said a just-completed safety audit of Iran Air assets puts the airliner’s Boeing 727’s, 747’s and Airbus 320s on its blacklist. Iran air’s Boeing jets were purchased in 1970s. The airline had planned to replace older planes with Russian-built TU-204 jets starting next year. Iran Air said today that it would fly its Airbus jets on European flights. Those jets meet EU safety guidelines.


Anonymous said...

the jets are quite old but safe.
The iranian Technicians got in the last 30 years a great expierence to maintain and operate old planes.

just like used car dealers who tune the old cars

Anonymous said...

Iran has developed excellent expertise in maintaining and overhauling these 30 year old planes. The Mehrabad aeronautical complex even completely overhauls the Boeing 747. These bans are just pathetic attempts by Iran's enemies to pressure the nation, they will fail. Iran Air can easily re-route its major flights via friendly hubs in Asia, Africa and the Middle-East.

These are very juvenile tactics by losing "powers" who are frustrated at Iran's independent stance and progress despite these major impediments. These illegal tactics will only unify Iranians.