Thursday, July 22, 2010

Ahmadinejad’s Advisor on Religious Affairs Resigns

Hojattoeslam Nasser Saghay Biria
Aftab News File Photo

Hojattoleslam Mohammad Nasser Saghay Biria, President Ahmadinejad’s Advisor on Religious Affairs, has resigned his post in what his close associates are describing as a protest against Ahmadinejad’s alleged un-Islamic views on requirements for women to wear veil and conform to strict Islamic dress code. Ahmadinejad has not yet accepted Saghay’s resignation.

Saghay Biria is a disciple of Ayatollah Mesbah Yazdi. Last week, a day before resigning his post, Saghay had an extensive meeting in Qom with Mesbah. Ahmadinejad himself is known as one of Mesbah’s followers. Saghay’s resignation and the reasoning behind it would create questions about Mesbah’s role as a religious guide to the Iranian president.

Meanwhile, Jahan News reported this week that Esfandiar Rahim Moshaie, the president’s chief of staff, has said that Ahmadinejad feels that the influential editor of ultra-conservative daily Kayhan, Hossein Shaitmadari, is his enemy and within a year would be calling him un-Islamic and Kafar.

“From Shaiatmadari’s point of view, I am not even a Muslim. He believes I am a spy, a monafegh and a part of the Green coup,” said Ahmadinejad, as quoted by Moshaie [Aftab News, 22 July].


Anonymous said...

Contrary to popular belief, Ahmadinejad is quite progressive in his personal interpretation of Islam and is not as dogmatic as the Qom clergy. He is an ultra-nationalist, but not a fundementalist by any stretch of the imagination. Actually, Newsweek a few months ago did quite a surprsingly objective piece on his presidency.

In a country where obedience to the ayatollahs is expected, Iran's president is finding another way.

Nader Uskowi said...

The Newsweek piece is quite interesting. One analytical problem, however. It divides the conservative camps into Ahmadinejad v. the clergy. It’s best to see the spectrum in the shades of fundamentalism instead. Kayhan’s Shariatmadari, referred to in this post, is not a cleric, yet he is the spokesman for the ultra fundamentalists, as far rightist as anyone in the country. Ahmadinejad was referring to Shariatmadari as his nemesis.

Ahmadinejad and people like IRGC’s Jafari are not clergy’s boys. If anything they represent a “baathist” tendency within the establishment, more secular, yet extremely reactionary and militaristic.

Anonymous said...

The Abadgaran (Developers of the Islamic Revolution) faction is indeed more militaristic and these "reformist hawks" formed their bonds on the bloody battlefields of the Iraq-Iraq war. They are more inclined to take their inspiration from Mesbeh Yazdi. They are positioning themselves for a post-Khamenei era. The IRGC and Basij influence is quite pervasive in Iranian society now, and more the western pressure the easier to promote the Abadgaran nationalistic agenda.

Anonymous said...

Best news from Iran in weeks.

Push these pseudo-talibans out of the executive and bring up the war generation.

Many of the Westernized Iranians might not believe (however irrelevant) but those in power now, are quite against "Mullaism"


Anonymous said...

Nahid is correct. Considering the high educational rates, political awareness and active civic society in Iran, the pure theocratic rule of the mullahs is at a fading end. Iran is being increasingly run by the new generation of technocrats and ultra-nationalists. I believe a hybrid political reformation within the IRI is on the cards. It will be an evolution and not the "regime change" revolution so wishfully desired by the US/Zionist axis and Iran's enemies.

Anonymous said...

Iran is moving from a bazaar society to an industrial economy. History shows that the workers will demand freedom exactly how the industrial west economy did. Workers of the world unite!

Anonymous said...

be soft to the own people
be though to the aliens.

That is Ahmadi nejad politik

Anonymous said...

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