Friday, July 16, 2010

Zahedan Tragedy in Pictures

The photos of the bombing scene by IRNA.

The photos of the two suicide bombers published by Jundallah on its website: Abdelbasset Rigi and Mohammad Rigi.


Anonymous said...

It seems a family issue now.

I assure the rest of this family, including that whore of a mother who squeezed these Wahabi satanists into this world...

If "Hell" has a brothel, then its called "Rigi", and these two happen to be on their knees in there waiting fo Satan to arrive.

Long live Iran and all Iranians across the Globe


Anonymous said...

I understand how you feel, but Iran shall prevail against these evil people. That is unfortunately the price Iran is paying.

Nahid / Hamburg

Anonymous said...

These Wahabbi freaks are mere pawns in the insidious US/Zionist agenda for Iran and the region. I agree these vicious thugs will fail and these cowardly acts of terror will only strengthen Iranian resolve.

Anonymous said...

Bless Iran and "Tasliat" to all Iran loving people.

Dariush London