Sunday, July 25, 2010

EU Sanctions to Start; Iran to Restart Talks

The Iranian Foreign Minister Manouchehr Mottaki said today Iran is ready to re-start immediately talks with the Western powers over a nuclear fuel swap agreement. He made this remarks at the sideline of a meeting with his Turkish and Brazilian counterparts in Istanbul.

Meanwhile, the EU will start its tough new sanctions against the Iranian oil and gas industry on Monday. The EU foreign affairs chief Catherine Ashton will also seek to revive talks with Iran over the nuclear program. The two-track approach is to convince Iran to stop further uranium enrichment and to ship most of its current inventory abroad.

In Washington, former CIA director General Michael Haden said today in an interview on CNN that the sanctions have not succeeded in stopping Iran from pursuing capabilities right below the nuclear weapon, and that he now believes military action against Iran "may not be the worst of possible outcomes," [CNN, “The State of Union”, 25 July]. While in office, Hayden had played down the “kinetic option.”


Anonymous said...

With this declaration,i am sure Israel and americans will catch the message,and will not attack Iran.

We will see it.

But i think,Iran must show some teeth.They are beginnign to show weapons,now i think it is the iranian turn.

Anonymous said...

Again with the same retoric to stall for more time to create a nuclear bomb. The US may fall for it again but the rest of the middle east may not have any more patience for the boy who cries wolf.