Monday, July 26, 2010

Ahmadinejad Warns of US Attack

Iranian President Mahmoud Ahmadinejad told the state-owned Press TV on Monday he has “precise” information the US is planning to attack two countries in the region, presumably Iran being one of them.

"They [US] plan to attack at least two countries in the region within the next three months," Ahmadinejad said [Press TV, 26 July].

"First of all, they want to hamper Iran's progress and development since they are opposed to our growth, and secondly they want to save the Zionist regime because it has reached a dead-end and the Zionists believe they can be saved through a military confrontation," Ahmadinejad added.

Ahmadinejad warned President Obama not to follow the policies of President Bush. He also warned Russia to avoid playing into the hands of Washington.

Ahmadinejad added that Iran is ready to resume talks on its nuclear program with the West.


Anonymous said...

Seems like Mahmoud is not warning about an attack, rather he is begging for one. What a disaster of a head of state.

Anonymous said...

First of all, the world wants to stop Iran from attacking any and every country that ahmadinejad threatens repeatedly. He keeps acting like the Hitler of this generation and the world will not allow this to repeat itself. He will end up like saddam hussein or worse because of his hatred.

Anonymous said...

Only two?

Iraq and Afghanistan make for two "hot" wars in the region. Operations in Yemen make three. Then there is drone warfare over NW Pakistan, that makes four. Another terrorist blast in Iran, that could be five...

I think Mahmoud's estimate is pretty conservative!

Anonymous said...

Iran needs to beef up its PR team, it is very clear that the female population of Iran are the lynch pin of its technological revolution. Iran needs to engage it's female population to put its position to the rest of the Zionist dominated west. When ever I hear the Iran English translators I cringe at their voice!

Anonymous said...

US/Zionist agenda was to have three wars, if they had succeeded in Iraq and Afghanistan they would have rolled into Iran in 2004. However, as the wikileaks clearly show the US is desperate and in a strategic mess and simply does not know what to do next.

Their biggest problem now is Pakistan, where the military and ISI (inter-services intelligence) is actively demolishing US AF-Pak policy from within. A war against Iran is highly improbable as the US will simply collapse and get stuck in an endless abyss and will have to reconstitute the military draft as even in a deadbeat economy with 25% real unemployment they will not be able to find enough enemployed crackers in trailer parks and Hispanics in barrios to go die in Iran. The Blacks don't enlist anymore as they learnt their lesson in Vietnam.

The US and the Zionist entity are in a pickle as they simply don't have the financial or human resources to fight an endless war in the Islamic World spanning a third of humanity. Even if they are crazy enough to "attack" Iran the consequences will ensure the end of US as a major power.

Lot of empires in decline have made the same mistake of strategic over-stretch. History is very unforgiving. Unless the US intends on occupying Iran with 2-3 million men, an attack on Iran will unleash forces that no one would be able to control. I just hope wiser heads prevail.

Anonymous said...

Even with 10 millions of US soldiers,they cannot take Iran.

Iranians will crush americans in the middleast,forcing them to go out form the region.

The only pawn will be the lose of lives,but the result will be US out of middleast.

Anonymous said...

I would agree. The occupation and subjugation of Iran are simply beyond the capability of the US. The US economy is indeed imploding and it already owes China and Asia trillions of dollars and the national debt is over $14 TRILLION and increasing by $7 billion a minute, while the US economy is shrinking and unemployment rising. China is already breathing down on the US, both economically and geo-stratgically, and a new suicidal war will ensure total US collapse.

A war against Iran with 76 million people and 1.64 million square landmass, mostly mountains would be the death-knell for the US and a military quamire of cosmic proportions.

Most importantly, so far the US has faced very basic military opposition in Iraq and Afghanistan where the resistance forces have been armed with very light weaponry, just AKs, RPGs and some rudimentary IEDs. The Paksistanis have only given the Afghans a few old MANPADS, perhaps their ANZA and old Soviet SA-7 Grails (Sterla 2). However, an attack on Iran will change that benign equation in matter of hours if not minutes, and the US will have to face first rate modern ATGMs, guided munitions, millions of IEDs and SAM systems in their thousands, not to mention Iranian airpower, however limited.

Iran and Afghanistan's high mountains, valleys dotted with caves and topographical defences are ideally suited for asymmetrical warfare, espacially by trained, motivated and capable forces like the IRGC and Qods forces that have extensive knowledge of the whole Southwest Asian theatre. Iran's doctrine of asymmetrical warfare and use of small hunter teams taking advantage of local terrian and conditions would negate any US technological superiority. Just ask the Afghans.

The most important factor in the new military reality is the large scale introduction of long range missiles by their thousands in the hands of Iranian forces and their allies namely Syria, Hezbollah, Mehdi army, Hamas and the Northern Alliance in Afghanistan.

As far as Zionists threats are concerned, the Zionists so far have been able to murder the Palestinians without fear because of massive air-superiority and armored strength against basically defenceless civilians packed in the Gaza gulag. The Zionists have killed with impunity because they know the Palestinians can't hit back.

However,in case of a next war against a well armed opponent like Iran, those advantages will simply disappear as Hezbollah will strike all over Zionist population centers and infrastructure in Occupied Palestine. As Sayed Nasrallah recently proclaimed, if Beirut will burn so will Tel Aviv. The military balance has shifted in the region. In the 2006 Zionist war on Lebanon, Hezbollah only fired barely 3000 grad type 122mm rockets at Northern Occupied Palestine and not one against an economic or strategic target, even such a minor response made over a million Zionists flee to Cyprus, US, Canada and Europe.

The next no-holds barred conflict will encompass all of Occupied Palestine that come under fire and the war will not be contained. The social and civic disruption on the Zionists would be unprecendented and outcome would be totally unexpected. So I believe that most of these daily threats against Iran are mere psy-ops. Both the US and the Zionists know the reality and the horrendous consequences far better.

I have not even touched on the economic aftermath and the $500 barrel OIL and total destruction of all Persian Gulf oil infrastructure from such a catastrophic folly. That is an entirely different matter altogether and its impact of the global economy is beyond the scope of even insanity.

Anonymous said...

US/ Zionist agenda for all you anti semites and terrorists is peace in the region. Iran: Stop trying to build nuclear weapons to harm other countries, stop funding terrorists in Syria, Pakistan and al qaeda. Stop your ties with communist leaders in N Korea and Venezuela and stop your government from abusing it's own people.

Anonymous said...

While ahmadinajad warns about a possible attack... the world has been screaming about a nuclear attack... something is wrong with this picture.

Anonymous said...

I'm not convinced that if or when whoever decides to attack Iran be it one country or a coalition of countries united as one has any intention of taking over Iran. The only thing on that agenda would be to take out the nuclear infrastructure and not harm the people of Iran. Although, mahmoud has purposefully put some of these targets in populous environments. This could be done without ground troops and pretty quickly with air power, guided missiles and an EMP. The same thing Israel used when it knocked out the other Iranian backed nuclear site in Syria a few years ago.