Monday, July 26, 2010

Iran Defense Minister Warns Israel

Iranian Defense Minister Brig. Gen. Ahmad Vahidi has warned Israel that “any injudicious action” will lead to the annihilation of Israel [Press TV, 26 July].

“Any injudicious action of Israel will trigger the countdown of its destruction,” Gen. Vahidi told reporters on the sidelines of a cabinet session on Monday.

Gen. Vahidi’s comments were the latest by senior Iranian leaders in recent days implying an expectation of military attack on Iran over its nuclear program. Yesterday’s remarks by former CIA and NSA director and the retired Air Force four-star general Michael Haden that he now believed that a military option against Iran might not be the worst of possible outcomes fueled further speculations in Tehran.


Anonymous said...

iran will not back down, neither should it, in the face of threats from the US and its allies. As a non-Iranian myself this is perhaps too easy for me to say, nevertheless such threats against Iran are illegal, and an act of terrorism according to international law. Rest assured any attack on Iran will unlock the doors of hell and would fundamentally change the order of things, something I believe the advocates of war understand even better than the opponents, and something the warmongers are eager to use to their advantage in order to enact a hyper-militarised new world order.

MoinSaddiq said...

Iran should also be careful of its neighbour to the east - Pakistan and nefarious ISI and its support of Jundallah.

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Anonymous said...

Even Machiavelli cautioned about starting wars without looking at the unintended and unknown consequences. Starting wars is easy, ending them on favorable terms is much more difficult.

The US in its hubris and decline may be desperate enough to lash out at Iran. AIPAC and Zionist warmongers have been goading the US all along. This is also typical behavior of all dying empires, but such a suicidal move by either the US or crazy Zionists will definately result in a regional conflict if not a global war.

The delusional prospect of a "limited war" on Iran is simply beyond insane thinking.

The wikileaks today confirm the precarious state of US failed geo-strategic "great game" in Af-Pak and the mounting war crimes againt Afghan civilians that is just increasing the resistance.

I firmly believe that any such ill-advised action by any of Iran's enemies will result in a fall-out and blowback far beyond their wildest expectations. It is perhaps, most crucial now than ever to think rationally and move beyond threats and warmongering. The imploding US economy and burnt-out military is in no condition to wage another final LOST WAR against a determined power like Iran, that will certainly ruin the US once and for all.

Anonymous said...

Read the Bible. In Ezekiel, it's Iran that get's pummeled by the Creator of the Universe after Iran tries to attack Israel.

Anonymous said...

Iran defense minister warns Israel of what... When has Israel ever attacked Iran when Iran hasn't attacked first? For two thousand years Iran has been trying to annihilate Israel and for two thousand years the God of Abraham, Isaac and Jacob hasn't allowed it and isn't about to now. Of course it acts in self defense when all the terrorist organizations backed by Iran try to attack Israel from Syria or Gaza. Iranian defense minister... just stop trying to make a nuclear bomb to attack Israel and you will have nothing to worry about.

Anonymous said...

You ar enot on conditio to treath Iran.

Iran will crush enemies if an attack happen.

Don have any doub about that.It is not you or americans who has the power to avoid nuclear Iran.