Saturday, July 4, 2009

Breaking News: Majma-eyeh Modaressin Calls Ahmadinejad Government “Illegitimate”

A group of senior religious leaders in Iran has called the disputed presidential election and the new government “illegitimate,” The New York Times reported [4 July,].

Majma-eyeh Modaressin va Mohagheghin Hozeh Elmieh Qom, the Association of Scholars and Researchers of Qom Seminary, the group declaring the new government illegitimate, is the most influential Shia religious group in Iran. Their declaration will have profound effect on the political scene in the country. It will put the traditional religious establishment in Iran against the Ahmadinejad administration, casting doubts on the government’s ability to survive.

Also coming under question would be the undisputed authority of the supreme leader, Ayatollah Khamenei. In his open support of Ahmadinejad after the disputed election, Khamenei broke with a twenty-year tradition of staying neutral in inter-regime disputes. The declaration of illegitimacy of Ahmadinejad administration by Majma-eyeh Modaressin severely undermines Khamemeni’s authority.

The declaration would also boost Mousavi’s stature as the leader of the opposition and the presumed winner of the presidential election.

Link to Majma-eyeh Modaressin's declaration [in Farsi]:


Anonymous said...

New York Times reporting about jame'eye modaresin in Qom? are you kidding me? I have not found any other source. Why dont you give the link to the new york times article as well?

Nader Uskowi said...

Anonymous said...

The Ayatollah of ghom should look only to the result of recent election of Ghom.
ahmadi-nejad won 70% of votes of Ghoms.
the people donot like more to see clereic on the power.
The people donot trust the mullahs. 30 years is enough

The recent election is a turninig point in the history of Iran.

The Ahmadi nejad will finsh the mullah-kratie.

the losing of power und Influence is what that scare them.
That does not matter any more, a seciond ayatollah khomeni can not be found any more.

Nader Uskowi said...

The last anonymous makes an interesting point: Ahmadinejad's intention is to end the rule of clerics.

I believe we see a trend away from a system of democracy among those who believe in the system, hence jailing of the reformists and the call to arrest Mousavi. This trend takes away the meaning of “Republic” from the Islamic Republic. There is a parallel development as well: the declaration of Majma-eyeh Modaressin calling the government illegitimate, takes away the “Islamic” factor as well. Majma, for those of you old enough to remember, was instrumental in bringing Khomeini to power and establishing the Islamic Republic in Iran.

If we take the Republic and Islamic identities away for the current government, then the government of Islamic Republic is no more! Instead, we might face a dime-a-dozen Bathist-type dictatorship found all over the Middle East.

Anonymous said...

why do you believe
removing clreics from the power means taking out islamic from islamic republic ?
ruling of iranian clreic is a single phenomenon, no example in entire islamic world. no any other islam country is ruled by clreics execpt iran.

iran is an islamic country since 1400 yreas, ruled by the different kings.
now there is again a king(substitute) there
king mahmud I