Thursday, July 9, 2009

Demonstrations in Tehran

Reports from Tehran indicate that demonstrations are under way at Enqelab Square and in front of the nearby University of Tehran campus in commemoration of the 10th anniversary of a deadly police attack on student protesters inside the university’s dormitories.

Police has been using tear gas to disperse the crowd at Enqelab. The reports also indicate that the Basij Force and anti-riot Guards have moved into the square.

Twitter Reports:
- Clashes reported in Saadat Abad. Hundreds of protersters in a sit-in on 12-e-Farvardin.
- Protests also reported in Tabriz, Isfahan and Shiraz.


Anonymous said...

A small group of unarmed protesters.What are they protesting about?

Paul Iddon said...

they are protesting over the election results!

and Nader have you heard about this?

Anonymous said...

What are the protesters protesting?The election is over and results are final says the supreme leader and he isnt going to change his mind and have a new election.So why bother to keep protesting about it.Carrying sticks and stones against guns?And end up getting more of you killed and for what?What change will your death bring to Iran?Its the government that needs to be reformed and to get on the right path of Islam/Koran that is peace,holiness/godliness, not violence/hate and ungodliness asthe way it is now in the Iran government..The Iranain people need a holy godly government to represent them the Iranian people.As of now they dont have it.The question is what are the Iranian people going to do about it?Put up with it as it is or demand the changes needed for the betterment for the Iranian people and Iran as a whole?Sooner is better than later.

Anonymous said...

If Iran is to reform, then protests are to become a usual affair. The fact that some make a fuss of protests is because we are not used to them in Iran.

The kind of protests we witness in Iran, are a daily routine in west Europe and the clamp down is not as hard as some west European police clamp downs.