Sunday, July 5, 2009

Rafsanjani - Show of Support for Opposition

Agence France-Presse/Getty Images

Ayatollah Akbar Hashemi Rafsanjani, left, Iran’s former president, met on Sunday in Tehran with relatives of individuals arrested in post-election protests.
The move was widely seen as a show of support for the opposition.

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The top leaders of Iran's elite Revolutionary Guard publicly acknowledged they had taken over the nation's security and warned late Sunday that there was no middle ground in the ongoing dispute over the reelection of President Mahmoud Ahmadinejad in a threat against a reformist wave led by Mir-Hossein Mousavi.

Maj. Gen. Mohammad Ali Jafari, commander of the elite military branch, said the Guard's takeover of the country had led to "a revival of the revolution and clarification of the value positions of the establishment at home and abroad."

"These events put us in a new stage of the revolution and political struggles, and all of us must fully comprehend its dimensions," he said at a Sunday press conference, according to reports that surfaced today.

"Because the Revolutionary Guard was assigned the task of controlling the situation, [it] took the initiative to quell a spiraling unrest. This event pushed us into a new phase of the revolution and political struggles and we have to understand all its dimensions."

Meanwhile, their commander in chief, Supreme Leader Ali Khamenei, warned Western leaders against exploiting the country's political turmoil for their own ends.
"Today, no one is impartial," Gen. Yadollah Javani said at the Sunday press conference, according to the Islamic Republic News Agency. "There are two currents -- those who defend and support the revolution and the establishment, and those who are trying to topple it."

The uniformed Revolutionary Guard leaders, joined by the turbaned cleric Ali Saedi, Khamenei's representative, said they would play a more active role in defending the Islamic Republic's core values. though this should not be interpreted as meddling in politics.

"The Revolutionary Guard is tasked with defending the revolution and it has to play a determining role in protecting and eternalizing the revolution," said Jafari, in comments posted to government websites. "Such an attitude does by no means mean interference with politics."

The Guard and its allies have rarely refrained from entering daily politics. As Mousavi's supporters described plans to create a new political party Sunday, an editorial in today's editions of Sobh Sadegh, a newspaper close to the Revolutionary Guard, argues that the powerful Guardian Council should bar "liars and rabble-rousers who were running for president" from taking part in electoral politics.

As I read things like this it tells me that inside the Iranian governemnt there current leadership is trying to maintain control by force,using its military not by the will of the people.It seems to me that Iran has a regieme that has taken control of its country and they put on a act that they are protecting the Iranian people from there emimies out side of Iran..And that is the lie I see.Its not Iran the Iranian people as a whole that is the problem but the current violent ungodly unholy current supreme leader and president and other Iranians that support the current government leadership.They are of the devil, twisted in there ways.Lieing to and Holding the Iranian people hostage.and acting like the world is there enemy and they are protecting them. as they fund terrorist groups.Until the current regime is replaced, unarmed protesting will just get more Iranians killed by the armed wicked regime.So until the military is on the side of the majority of the Iranian people and helps to make the necessary governmental changes,the true will of Iran and how its supposed to be, wont materlize but will remain a dream of a Iran, that should have a government and country that is holy goldy peaceful and have a country at peace with there neighbors and the world as it should be.Using Islam/Koran as there teachings and way.This is my view of how Iam seeing it from where Iam.Peace be to you,have a good day now.Have Faith in God.With God all things are possible.