Friday, July 17, 2009

"Death to Russia!"

The official loudspeaker suggesting slogans to people at Friday's Prayer, and people responding with their own slogan!

Official: Death to America
People: Death to Russia!

Official: Death to Israel
People: Death to Russia!

Official: Death to England
People: Death to Russia!

Official: Death to Hypocrites
People: Death to Russia!


Kemjika said...

I know! these iranians need to understand that Russia and CHina have been "saving" Iran from harsher sanctions in the UN too...
has Iran just goten alot more xenophobic?

Mirror said...

Thanks Nader for your Blog, I am one of your blog followers. Just love the ppl of Iran. they are brave when the guy says Down with... and ppl say Down with Russia.
Just love them and I wish the best for those brave ppl of Iran.
Ali From Dallas

Mirror said...

Hi Nader,

Frist of all thank you for the daily updates, I am one of your blog-follower. you are doing a great job.

Second, I just love the second clip, I love those brave Iranians on the streets. Now they know that they cannot be played with.
Paul, the reason that ppl are saying death do Russia is that they are supporting this dictatorship. The real enemy of the ppl of Iran are Russia, China these arabs not the west nor Isreal.
Long live the brave ppl of Iran