Sunday, July 5, 2009

IRIAF Commander on Air Force Readiness

Iranian Air Force Commander Brig. Gen. Hassan Shahsafi said in Tehran today that the Air Force massive air drill on 22 June, dubbed "Milad-e-Noure-Velayat” wargames, proved that the Air Force is capable of “standing against all threats.” [Fars News Agency, 5 July].

"The Air Force is standing up to all threats honorably, mightily and powerfully and it will not step back," said Gen. Shahsafi.

The statement came after the Israeli Air Force was reported to be planning to participate in a joint aerial exercise with NATO forces in Europe and the US to train for long-range flights as test-runs for potential strikes on Iranian nuclear facilities.

Earlier in the day, Vice President Biden had told ABC television the US would not stand in the way if the Israelis decided they needed to attack Iran's nuclear facilities.


masoud said...

Hi Nader,

What has happened to Mark Pyruz? He doesn't seem to have posted for some months now. It would be nice to have his take on some of the recent military developments in Iran.


Paul Iddon said...

I love the IRIAF, the way it managed to hold together and stay this strong for 30 years under arms embargo and heavy sanctions is very impressive, and the fact they are actually making their own variant of the F-5 is also very impressive!

Nader Uskowi said...


Mark is taking time off for health issues. IIf you recall, he did same last July for a shorter period, but this time he might needs months. I pass along your message to him.