Saturday, November 19, 2011

UN General Assembly Denounces Assassination Plot against Saudi Ambassador

The UN General Assembly on Friday passed a resolution denouncing the plot to assassinate the Saudi ambassador to Washington. The resolution does not directly accuse Iran of being responsible, but it urges the Islamic Republic to comply with international laws by cooperating with inquiries and deliver the suspects in the terror plot to the courts. The resolution also asks Iran to respect its international obligations in protecting the diplomats.

Iran denounced the resolution that was submitted to the General Assembly by Saudi Arabia.

“The text (of this resolution) has been prepared by a country that has a long record of animosity toward my country. It is based on unsubstantiated claims and we strongly reject it,” said Mohammad Khazai, Iran’s ambassador to the UN [IRNA, 18 November].

The General Assembly passed the resolution by a vote of 106 in favor, and 9 against. 40 countries did not participate in voting.

The nine countries voting against the resolution were North Korea, Cuba, Venezuela, Bolivia, Ecuador, Nicaragua, Zambia, Armenia and Iran. It is worth noting that none of the Arab and Islamic countries other than Iran cast their vote against the resolution.


Anonymous said...

I think it'll be good for the author to point out to his readers that the UN neither blamed nor accused Iran for the plot. The UN only condemned THE PLOT.Totally different things.

Another placating resolution to make the US and her allies happy.But at what cost??? I mean, the Saudis we're talking here aren't exactly angels are they? If anything,they've been financing anti-US forces in Iraq and Afghanistan for years.But somehow, due to imperial hubris, the US gives them a pass because they get cheap oil.

The Saudis will regret this latest resolution for trying to drag Iran's name in the mud.

Nader Uskowi said...

True. As I have said in the original post, the resolution did not directly accuse Iran of being responsible. It did however singled out Iran to respect its international obligations in protecting diplomats, to deliver suspects to the court, and to cooperate with international inquiries on the assassination plot. In the language of diplomacy, these are very strong words, tenement to indirectly accusing Iran of complicity in the plot. Different things, but not at all that totally different as you see to indicate.

Please do not misunderstand me. I am not taking a position here as to whether Iran was responsible for that alleged plot. I am saying that the UN General Assembly, and not the UN Security Council, voted for a resolution that indirectly implicated Iran. You cannot say that US controls the General Assembly. Few Latin American countries sided with Iran, but no Arab or Muslim country did the same. a number of NAM countries voted in its favor, and against Iran.

These are the political issues. Who was actually behind the alleged plot, or the existence of the plot itself, should be handled through criminal courts. The vote was political in nature, and that’s precisely my point: Iran’s foreign policy, or lack of, has isolated the country on the world stage. I do not believe this is a radical claim!

Anonymous said...

What a world, I mean are they not ashamed of themselves.(this UN)

Iranians are being murdered by CIA/MOssad and MI6.. kidnapped by the saudis and delivered to the US and then they arrest some drug pusher and claim it to be a political thing ???!!!

please excuse me .. I need to go throw up on Ban Ki Moons face !

Anonymous said...

Did they also denounce the assassinations of Iranian teachers ??

Anonymous said...

do you mean that the Iranian government is now assassinating people teaching the Baha'i faith and npt just throwing them into prison?

did they denounce the murders of iranian homosexuals?

or the death sentence imposed on an Iranian found guilty of apostasy?