Wednesday, November 16, 2011

Military Base Explosions Linked to Test of A New Weapon System

The Chief of Staff of Iran’s Armed Forces Maj. Gen. Hassan Firouzabadi said in Tehran today that the explosions that killed the commander of IRGC missile forces and 16 other Guards last week occurred during the testing of a weapon system that could strike Israel. However, he denied published reports that Israel or the US was behind the blasts.

“This recent incident and blast has no link to Zionist regime or America but the outcome of the research, of which the incident happened as a consequence, could be a strong smack to the mouth (of Israel) and its occupying regime,” Gen. Firouzabadi said [ISNA, 16 November].

Firouzabadi did not elaborate what kind of a weapon was being tested when the explosions occurred. There were reports at the time of the explosions that a new warhead for long-range ballistic missiles, possibly Shahab-3, or a new ballistic missile was being tested at IRGC ballistic missile base in west Tehran. Gen. Firouzabadi’s comments coupled with the fact that the architect of Iran’s missile systems, the late Maj. Gen. Tehrani Moghadam, was present at the site of the incident strongly support those reports.

The official Iranian explanation of the incident remains that the blasts happened at a depot when ammunition were being moved. Gen. Firouzabadi’s comments refute the official line.


Anonymous said...

Firouzabadi MUST BE A MOSSAD AGENT !!!!!!

anything that explodes iniran is the work of the giant conspiracy against Iran because the Iranian nation is enormous super super-power and all the world is jealous!!!!!

Iran is strongest military power on planet, can destroy NATO, Russia, Chinese and Israeli, Turkish, Saudis and Indian in 27 minutes, while eating snack and sending manned expedition to land on Sun!!!

(which is Iranian property)

B.M.A said...


although it might seem that the Iranian Oficials are now bringing out conflicting version of the blast incident ,a cool headed out look on the whole scenerio will conclude that Genaral Firouzabadi is infact elaborating clearly what was going on prior to the blast.WHAT HE MEANS IS THEY WERE TESTING A RAPID TRANSFER KIT FOR AMMO.rememer what they said the other day that in event of war they would bring a street combat in the streets of Tel-Aviv.

Anonymous said...

Give them a day or two and we shall here a few more new versions, LOL!

Anonymous said...

And the moon is made of cheese.

Anonymous said...

Firouzabadi is not telling all!!!!!!

Iran's IRGC is working on very advanced type of suicide bombs designed to explode a thousand miles away from intended target.

Absolutely undetectable!!

The Zionist entity will never know until it's too late !!!!

They just have to guess how many of them haven't been killed by fearless IRGC martyrs.

Anonymous said...

Keep fantasizing.

mat said...

The beating of the empty drums of war of the U.S. (the world's biggest terrorist, criminal and most bully nation) and the U.S.-backed Zionist Regime State of Israel (the world's most paranoid, coward, evil and God's most condemned nation) have been going on and on since the 1979 Islamic Revolution. Do those duo really dare enough to mess with the most powerful nation in the whole region of the Middle East, the mighty Islamic Republic of Iran's military strengths and capabilities?

Anonymous said...

mat, world's most untruthful toady for theocrat thuggery, the US will dare to mess with mighty mouse Iranian regime.

Iranian regime is so powerful that it be unable to do anything as it's mighty military is pounded to powder and its power generating plants swiftly sizzled into silence, but mighty mouse will send some Arab allies to blow themselves up somewhere far away from the fighting......and then Iran will forcefully COMPLAIN !!!!!

do not try to lie to anyone, Iran has been tolerated, won't be tolerated much longer, and is feared only for its lack of scruple.

Anonymous said...

@ anonymous 1:31

what is the big bad US waiting for then? years and years of empty threats is all you get from the us/west/israel.put up or shut up

Anonymous said...

Anon 8:20 PM

America has its kid gloves on if so required they can turn IRGC into powder and take the rest to a land fill site.
You need to see a shrink or stop what ever your taking because it is detriment to your judgment.

Anonymous said...

Anon 8:20-----

Saddam thought that they were empty threats....

The US doesn't want war and it doesn't want this Iranian regime building nuclear weapons....

no weapons with no war is the obvious choice.

after that, who knows.