Monday, November 21, 2011

Ahmadinejad’s Advisor Sentenced - UPDATES

President Ahmadinejad’s media advisor, Ali Akbar Javanfekr, was sentenced to a year in prison on charges of publishing materials “contrary to Islamic norms.” Mr. Javanfekr was also banned from journalism activities for three years [IRNA, 20 November].

 Javanfekr becomes the latest of Ahmadinejad’s political supporters to be targeted by the hardliners who control most of the country’s institutions, including the judiciary.

An important parliamentary elections is scheduled for next March, and the presidential elections will follow in 2013. Ahmadinejad is ineligible to run for a third terms, and the judiciary’s attacks on his supporters are seen as the latest signs of a hardening power struggle in the country on the control of Majlis and the presidency after Ahmadinejad.

UPDATE: Late Monday (21 November) – The Judiciary police surrounded the offices of Iran newspaper in Tehran, where Javanfekr has his office. IRNA reported that 40 journalists were arrested while trying to prevent the police from entering the building to arrest Javanfekr. There are also reports of injuries. The Governor of Tehran has come to the newspaper building to visit the injured and has criticized the police for its highhanded tactics in storming the building (IRNA)

UPDATE: IRNA reported that 30 of the 40 journalists arrested have been freed. Iran's publisher was among those arrested and later freed by the police.

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These media peoples were known spies for Israel and should be executed.We should not let the west be our advisors.