Monday, November 7, 2011

Russia Warns Against Attack on Iran

Russia warned the West against a military strike on Iran. Russia’s Foreign Ministers Sergei Lavrov said today an attack targeting Iran’s nuclear facilities would lead to civilian casualties and create new threats to global security.

“This would be a very serious mistake fraught with unpredictable consequences,” Lavrov told a news conference in Moscow, when asked about reports that Israel was preparing for a possible pre-emptive military strike.


Anonymous said...

If America attacks Iran Russia will not be able to do a damn thing.
Example Afghanistan,Iraq,Libya and possibly Syria.
China,Russia will just be onlookers and they would have to take it or leave it.
A full scale attack on Iran will destroy present system which governs the country.

Anonymous said...

It's not that Russia will not be able to do anything about it as much as Russia won't really care

Anonymous said...

The only predictable consequences for Russia and China would be that Iran will be free from these blood sucking parasites so that Iran would stop buying their junk and selling their countries oil and gas to the lowest bidder with or without war.
I put my bet on the second one.

Anonymous said...

junk china, russian Produkt like Iphone, IBM/Lenovo Tablets PC, S-300-S400, Mig31,....

once I was in a Supermarkt I tried to avoid to buy chinese produkt.
That was not possbile.

Anonymous said...

Anon 5:35 AM

Iran will never have S300,S400 system because of stupid regime policies.
I bought a DVD player made in China and lasted 1 year but my old system made in Japan lasted 7 years.
Chinese products are junk.

Anonymous said...

November 9, 2011 10:35 AM

of course russia did not delivered
the S-300.
They donot want to have problem mit US
but it is no problem iran will make it byself. Maybe or probably with Russian support.

just im last month, they delivered iran, Radar Jammer „Avtobasa" System

Anonymous said...

"Chinese products are junk."

Look under your computer and throw it out of the window if it has any part made in China...

Anonymous said...

---- iran will make it byself.----

as we speak, they're knitting together an even better and more elaborate air defense system using only the finest wool! better than Russian !

and, just in case, they're digging really deep tunnels for the nuclear and military stuff.

the citizens will stay on the surface of course

Anonymous said...

Anon 3:02 PM

My computer is a Sony and it says made in Japan.As far as I'm concerned that is good enough for me because I know Japanese are honourable people.
I still maintain that Chinese is utter rubbish.

Anonymous said...

putting the generalizations about the character of national populations aside, you're wrong to think that all the products coming out of China are rubbish.

it might be that the ones sold in your area are inferior but it's not at all the case that everything China has to sell is of inferior quality.......

and BTW that same thing used to be said about Japan....the "made in Japan" label was a sure sign of third-rate stuff that would soon fall apart.

for a while it was true, and then growing prosperity and improved technology allows for higher quality

Anonymous said...

"I still maintain that Chinese is utter rubbish."

Dude, please stop typing rubbish.You're only displaying your exile Iranian inferiority complex.If all the Chinese products you buy are rubbish, maybe you're a cheap skate who just like to get things on the cheap.Chinese products and manufacturing industry is the backbone of the US economy. If Chinese products are rubbish, American must be dumb to keep going to Wall Mart all the time to buy their "cheap Chinese products".

I use a Sony Vaio and it's made in China..Been working great for years.

I've met people like you many times before.They always outdo their host country's native people in everything - from hubris to stupidity, just to prove their loyalty and be seen as "progressives".Typical exile Iranian inferiority complex.I'm sorry it has no cure.

Anonymous said...

"I've met people like you many times before."

I've met people like you as well and they tend to be utter hypocrites who would sell their country for a orange juice and sandwich just like the regime has sold Iran to the Chinese,Russians and Arabs.
Because of people like you Iran is a Third World country with a backward mentality which is being laughed at a daily bases with their stupid clowning antics,you joker.
As long as this primitive regime lives Iran will remain a relieving station for all the foreigners and their stupid traitor servants the mullahs and their minions.
And the only cure for people like you is to send them to Saudi Arabia because they share your type of backward mentality.

And another thing pal if the mullahs say that Israel is good tomorrow you would repeat their words.
Because people like you can't think for themselves they need the mullahs to think for them.
Now go and receive your orange juice and sandwich.

Anonymous said...

To the last comment : an answer to an ignorant is ... no answer.

you must be a Jew dude or at least an enemy of Islam the light of civilization,
so read my two first lines many times.