Tuesday, November 8, 2011

Iran Efforts to Acquire Nuclear Weapon - IAEA

The highly anticipated report by IAEA has stated that Iran appears to have worked on designing a nuclear weapon and may still be conducting secret research. Citing what it called credible information from its member states, the IAEA said in the report that Iran has undertaken activities that are applicable for nuclear weapons. The report details apparently concerted, covert efforts by Iran to acquire the capability to make atomic bombs.

“I think the facts lay out a pretty overwhelming case that this was a pretty sophisticated nuclear weapons effort aimed at miniaturizing a warhead for a ballistic missile,” said proliferation expert David Albright. “It's overwhelming in the amount of details, it is a pretty convincing case,” he added [Reuters, 8 November].


Anonymous said...

Sorry but more desperate HOGWASH by the "bomb Eyeran" Zionist cowards and pathetic lies. Even if Iran has nukes SO WHAT? GET OVER IT and feed the US/EU homeless, jobless and hopeless. PEACE IS BETTER..eh

Unknown said...

Not to state the obvious but Iran would clearly want to have the prestige of being a nuclear power, and Israel wants to preserve its tough guy image of not allowing any of it's midleastern neighbors to gain the upper hand.
Concludion: war is inevitable!

b said...

Citing Albright seriously diminishes the believability of anything one writes.

Anonymous said...

iran's neighbors in the Gulf don't want Iran to have nuclear weapons.

It's far from being merely israel objecting. Jabbar.

Anonymous said...

"iran's neighbors in the Gulf don't want Iran to have nuclear weapons.

It's far from being merely israel objecting. Jabbar."

Well, they can go eat sand!! If they can't stop Israel from having nukes, what chance do they have against Iran?? These clown Sheiks will disappear from the pages of history had it not been the presence of US troops on their soil.All the 'defence' arrangements they have are meant to suppress their own people.They spend huge sums on weapons yet afraid to train their own people on how to use them. Instead, they heir Pakistanis and Westerners to handle them.Pathetic bunch they are..