Thursday, November 3, 2011

Qatar Airways Expands Iran Network

Qatar Airways has announced huge capacity increases across its network in Iran. Starting 1 December, the world-renowned airliner will begin its dramatic expansion in the Iranian market by offering 52 direct weekly flights from major Iranian cities including Tehran, Shiraz, Mashhad, and Isfahan to its global hub at Doha airport and from there to major international destinations.

Aside from these international flights, Qatar Airways will also start code-sharing arrangements with major Iranian airlines to become the first foreign carrier to offer scheduled domestic flights.

With the two agreements in place, Qatar Airways will replace Iran Air as the largest airline servicing Iran, and Doha replacing Tehran as the main international hub for Iranian travelers.

The US-led sanctions against major Iranian airlines, Iran Air and Mahan, has forced Iran to effectively contract out its airline industry to Qatar Airways.


Anonymous said...

Interesting that Emirates Air didn't get the contract.

Anonymous said...

this is a huge shame,Qatar became SUPER RICH from the shared GAS fields in Persina Gulf and Sea of Oman and now they are getting the Iranian domestic Airways.

I just don't get these Mullahas, why they cannot just WORK for the IRANIAN people's intereset? How much more money do they need and how deep are their pockets?
Damn them All

Anonymous said...

the iranian people get a better and safer flight, the Mullahs pocket the extra cash that the citizens will pay and they'll pretend that it's not a defeat for Iran.

of course, when the GCC decides that Iran won't be getting any air service from Qatar, it might be a slight problem.

Anonymous said...

I just don't get these Mullahas, why they cannot just WORK for the IRANIAN people's intereset?

i geuss it is in the iranian peoples interests to have no
nuclear power or having a government that sends most of its money to the west and of course no independence then sure you can have a domestic Airline again

Anonymous said...

Anon 6:16 AM

What cobblers are you talking about?
Qatar Airways now owns Iranian domestic market because of regimes incompetence and you blab about the Shah and his so called mistakes which is nothing compared with this corrupt terrorist anti Iranian lying regime with its hypocritical attitude towards the Iranian people and its great history.You seem to forget who introduced nuclear power into Iran in the first place and because of Khomeini and your beloved mullahs Iran has become a slave to the Chinese and Russian empire by selling its assets at knock down prices so that the terrorist regime can live another day in its pathetic and useless life against the hard working Iranian people.
What a bunch of shameless so called Iranians are blogging on this honorable site it is disgusting and anti Iranian.