Saturday, November 12, 2011

UAE to receive bunker busters

JDAMs loaded under the left wing
of an F-16 Fighting Falcon

According to the Wall Street Journal the United States is planning to provide an arms package of bunker busting munitions to the United Arab Emirates that includes up to 4,900 Joint Direct Attack Munitions (JDAM).

Bunker busters (as the name clearly implies) are designed to destroy bunkers and facilities that may be thickly reinforced with concrete (such as aircraft hangers).


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UAE's "airforce" is manned by Pakistanis, US, UK and French personnel. These bombs are for strategic US use in the region as UAE, Kuwait, Bahrain, Qatar, Oman and Saudi Arabia are used as weapons depots for US/Zionist use in their OIL wars and Arab destabilization.

At the Tabuk airbase in Saudi Arabia controlled by the US, there are still crated weapons dating back to the 70's that the illiterate Saudis have not even bothered to unpack or show any interest in.

The situation in puppet UAE is far worse as the local Bedouin population barely amounts to 400,000 (lazy, uneducated, spoilt illiterates building desert islands in the Persian Gulf on shifting sands) while the rest is all slave labour from South Asia or western ex-pats who control every aspect of UAE life, particularly the military.

UAE currently has 7 operational bases and all are with easy Iranian short-range and strategic missile range and will be obliterated within minutes of any hostilties. These bunker busters will be under US/NATO control anyway. Even third rate military pip-squeak nations like Australia and Canada have military bases in UAE (how funny is that?).

These are the following airforce and military basis under US control in UAE:

Abu Dhabi (Abu Zaby) (US/French/UK)
Dubai (Dubayy) (both
civil/military under US/UK)
Ajman ('Ajman) (US)
Fujairah (Al Fujayrah) (US/French/NATO)
Sharjah (Ash Shariqah)(US/French)
Ras-Al-Kaimah (Ra's al Khaymah) (UK/US)
Umm Al Qaiwain (Umm al Qaywayn)(US including ground forces)

Most of these basis also serve Iraq and Afghanistan wars and special ops in the region.

So much for UAE and its "airforce".

Anonymous said...

UAE is first task of iran to lunch military strike on them in first an hours of sea war iran will panitarate to uae and oman area for his strategic panateration fast strike in hart of saudi arabia to reach directly in boarder of
Jordan and israel for final assalt in the area of aqaba to for all area from lebanon to syria for full strike ofcourse that is not easy task it will cost thousant of humman life but this is the write time to go for it to finished the final mession.

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anonymous....i am surprised you spelled educated right

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A few well placed missile strike at UAE's airfields should be more than enough to paralyze their airforce.

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The lunch military strike... seriously?

Anonymous said...

why criticize the a few errors in spelling when the entire comment is lunacy?

Anonymous said...

there is an excellent chance that the iranian air force could fight the Australian air force to a draw.

maybe even if the Canadians fought alongside the Australians.

the iranian air force may be quite small, and it may be based on outdated designs and equipment, but Iran tries really hard to do the best with what it's got, and it manages to rise to being close to fully second-rate and might have enough strength to hold off the better-equipped and better trained "pip-squeaks" from Australia and Canada.

Anonymous said...

Once again the Arabs were given the declassified models to depot, next to the thousands of tanks and BMPs and planes and Helis.

They know they are being blackmailed but they fear to refuse.

What Iran is concerned, what could be worse than the chemical weapons given to Saddam .