Tuesday, November 29, 2011

Iran Oil at $109+

Annual Oil Revenues to Hit $100 Billion- Non-Oil Exports at $43 Billion

The average price of Iranian crudes in November reached $109.58 per barrel, the national Iranian Oil Company (NIOC) announced today. Iran light crude sold at an average of $112.19 a barrel for Asian destinations and $107.95 for the Mediterranean. Iran heavy was sold at an average of $110.39 for Asia and $106.25 for the Mediterranean. The oil revenues in the current Iranian calendar, ending 20 March 2012, is expected to be close to $100 billion, a historic high for the country.

Meanwhile, Iran Customs reported today that the volume of non-oil exports in first eight months of the current Iranian year has hit $28.6 billion. At this rate, the annual non-oil exports will be close to $43 billion mark, also a historic high for the country.


Unknown said...

A lesson from history, even the the shah's regime could not be toppled until the oil industry in Iran was interrupted.
This current regime in Iran has an iron grip over the oil producing region of Iran, and any acts to disrup the flow of oil is sold to the Iranian people as acts of terrorism by a group of separatist Arab-Iranians.
So long as the regime has 100 billion dollars to spend on the basij and others there can be no success for iran's new resolution.

Anonymous said...

Those figures are highly doubtful specially Iran's non oil exports.
In fact I doubt any information coming out of Iran or the mouth piece of the Islamic authorities is truthful in anyway except for use in propaganda so that they can claim that sanctions is not working.
If it is true then where has all the money gone to and what has it been spent on because the evidence proves otherwise.

Anonymous said...

saying: ... annual non-oil exports will be close to $43 billion mark, also a historic high for the country.

What a sanction?
See how clever Iranian surfing between great satan's wave of sancion.

Nader Uskowi said...

Jabbar Fazeli, MD

Agreed. $100 billion a year in hard currency can indeed buy lots of time for any regime.

Anonymous said...

8:23 AM Anon,

Looks like the sanctions have failed, the west tried to take the non war path, next stop = war, looks like Iran's leaders got what they wanted....the people will pay the price....as always.

Anonymous said...

why every body worry billions of dollars today is not the issue in that regiogn it is most important issue whom should controle the midleast to day or tomorrow that is all the fight going on their shoild be by force or by politics this is the issue if iran control that usa dollar would be desapeare for ever because usa dollar base on midleast oil value and maney other issue their it is not easy to explain at this moment.

redz said...

"A lesson from history"

without the current system empasising islam there would be no oil for iran at all since the producing regions would want to become seperate under a nationalist seculer regime

yes the poor of iran are all basij
they are as long as they back the regime no burgeoise liberal is ever goibg to take iran

Anonymous said...


For once in your life think what you write because the drivel you have written is totally untrue and borders on falsehood.

Unknown said...

I respectfully disagree,
Oil has not brought prosperity for Arab Iranians who happen to own the land under which Iranian oil lies, nor has it brought prosperity to Tehran, in which all power and prosperity is centered.
Neither religious autocracy, nor nationalist dictatorship will ensure happiness or prosperity for Iranians. A fare and transparent federal democracy maybe the answer.
Last but not least, one of the reasons that the liberal elites of Iran are spinning their wheels maybe that they dismiss how conservative the public is in Iran. Being anti-theocracy doesn't have to mean anti-Islam, or anti-traditionalism.
People should be free to wear the chador if they wish, so long as they don't force others to do so.
What's ring with religion being a subject matter between people and their own gods, instead of being a subject of pretend for the people to gain acceptance by a political system.
Why should Iranians feel the need to not shave or not to wear Weston clothes in order to live unharrassed in Iran? Shouldn't that be a personal choice?

Anonymous said...

Mr Fazeli

Iran should never become a Federal Democracy because it will lead to the breakup of Iran as a singular country.Iran was formed by Cyrus the Great so it shall remain as a single Iran.Only the enemies of Iran say that it should be federal.Iran can become a democracy without the federal stuck to it.
No federal No Islam just Iran.

Unknown said...

Dear annon December 5, 2011 6:15 PM

I don't know if a couple of comments here would cover this complex issue but perhapse we should consider the following:

1. The united states fought a civil war over maintaining territorial, and yet we manage to have a successful federal democratic system.

2. The main reason for separatist groups to exist is that the local people have no local rights. One could argue that a federal system is the key to indefinite protection of territorial integrity.
This is provided that oil and other natural resources remain national, so that there are no financial reasons for separatation.

3. If you ever been to Kurdistan, khuzstan and other ethnic provinces you will find that all positions of power are held by ethnic outsiders (mostly persian). This is a receipe for propetual disconntent; There is nothing threatening or wrong with people being able to elect their mayors and governors. A lesson learned from Serbia.

Anonymous said...

Mr Faseli

1.The Americas was a colony of England then the British were thrown out and America became independent in 1776.Nearly a hundred years later America had a vicious civil war followed by the defeat of the Southern states which later on lead to the formation of the United States.
Cyrus the Great unified the different kingdoms and became known as the Persian Empire over 2560 years ago.During that long period people mixed and intermarried and the country was invaded several times leading to the settlement of the occupiers.
2.There no reason for separatist groups to exist unless they are fanned from outside powers like Britain using Iraq Russia using Azarbayjan.These powers were the cause of Iran's break up not to mention the weakness of the Qajars of course.
3.Yes I been to Kurdistan Azarbajan Khorasan and Khuzestan and as far as I'm concerned I only saw Iranian people there maybe with a different way of dialect but never the less they are all different types of Iranians.
The most capable person must govern a country or city it doesn't matter if they are Persian or Kurd woman and man it's their capability that counts.
I don't like it when people come on blogs and say they are Kurdish singers not Iranian or Babak Khorramdin was an Azeri Turk which is nonsense because Turks occupied that part of the country 400 years later.What makes Iran great is its unity and diversity which is one of the first multiracial states in the world.